Salutations to the terror of Lanka,
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                                  Anjaneya Stothra


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Hanuman , the monkey devotee of Rama, though never mentioned anywhere in puranas or other holy books as God, is worshipped as though he is God himself. He is the son of  Keasri and Anjana. But he is more known as the son of Vayu-the wind god.There are also references that say that he is the son of Lord Shiva himself. People throughout the length and breadth of India worship him with great devotion. Here is a small collection of stotras about him.


Anjana nandanam Veeram janaki soka nasanam,

Kapeesa Maksha hantharam, Vande lanka bhayangaram.                               1


Salutations to the terror of Lanka,

Who is the heroic son of Anjana,

Who  brought to an end , all sorrows of Sitha,

Who is the king of monkeys ,

Who killed Aksha[1] the son of Ravana.


Mano javam , maruda thulya vegam,

Jithendriyam buddhi matham varishtam,

Vatha atmajam vanara yudha mukhyam,

Sree rama dootham sirasa namami.                                                                     2


I bow my head and salute the emissary of Rama,

Who has won over his mind,

Who has similar speed as wind,

Who has mastery over his organs,

Who is the greatest among knowledgeable,

Who is the son of God of wind,

And who is the chief in the army of monkeys.


Anjaneya madhi patalananam,

Kanchanadri kamaneeya vigraham,

Parijatha tharu moola vasinam,

Bhavayami bhava mana nandanam,.                                                                3


I bow before  the darling son of the god of wind,

Who is the son of Anjana,

Who  is great among killers of  ogres,

Who is like a  golden mountain,

Who is handsome to look at,

And who lives near the roots of Parijatha[2] tree,


Yatra yatra Raghu nada keerthanam,

Thathra thathra  krudha masthakanjalim,

Bhashpa vari  pari poorna lochanam,

Maruthim namatha Rakshasanthakam.                                                             4


I pray and salute the son of wind god,

Who brought to end the rakshasas,

Who is always present with eye full of tears,

With head bowed in veneration,

Wherever  the praise of  Lord Rama is sung.


Phala sruthi


Budhir balam yaso dhairyam  nirbhayathwam arokadha,

Ajadyam vak paduthwancha  hanumath smaranath bhaveth.


He who meditates on  Lord Hanuman,

Would be blessed with knowledge, strength,

Fame, courage, fearlessness, health,

Tirelessness and mastery over words,








[1] Aksha was the second son of Ravana who was killed by Lord Anjaneya

[2] A holy tree of heaven with scented flowers

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