General Dynamics Land Systems Reconnaissance

Chenowth Advanced Light Strike Vehicle (ALSW)

United States, UAE


  A popular Merc vehicle, the Chenowth is a Special Forces vehicle that is commonly used.  Holding up to 4 crew including a turret for a MG or GL, the 140 hp diesel engine is hardy enough for the most extreme conditions.  The ALSW is air droppable, and can easily be carried by most helos in a sling.







Travel Move: 190/50
Combat Move: 30/30
Fuel Cap: 70
Fuel Consum: 25
Price: $ 18 000 (S/R)

($ 20 000)

 Combat Statistics:

 Unarmoured Vehicle

Armament: Varies
Stabilization: NA  Config:     Sntd Susp:     W(2)
Ammo: Varies HF: 0    
Fuel Type: G, A, D HS: 0    
Load: 900 kg HR: 0    
 Vehicle Weight: 2.4 Tons  
Crew: 1 + 3  
Mnt: 5  
Night Vision: Headlights  
Radiological: Open  



General Dynamics Land Systems Reconnaissance,

Surveillance, Targeting Vehicle (RST-V)

United States


  Sponsored by the Naval Surface Warfare Center, the US Marine Corps, Computing Devices Canada (CDC), and the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the RST is a new reconnaissance family of vehicles which are as numerous as the Hum-Vee.  Combined with the Land Warrior systems, this vehicle is excellent for field/urban ops for Marines and covert organizations alike.

  the RST-V is a hybrid electric drive (4x4) vehicle mounting a reconnaissance, surveillance, targeting suite, command, control, comms and intelligence suite as well as an integrated survivability package.  With a mast mounted sensor, the maximum crew will be six, and can be carried by most helos.  To enter a V-22 Osprey, the RST-V can lower or raise its suspension, also beneficial off road.  The tires and wheels are from the Hum-Vee.

  A crew of four is seated in the center of the vehicle facing the front with bullet-proof windows around them.  The roof hatch can mount a MG up to .50 cal or a GL.  A large volume cargo area is in the rear, with entry via a ramp.

  In the rear is the extendable mast with an advanced sensor package, operated from within the vehicle.  The electric drive is engaged normally when stealth is needed.


VARIANTS are seen on left.




Travel Move: 170/60
Combat Move: 40/15
Fuel Cap: 80
Fuel Consum: 15
Price: -

($600 000)

 Combat Statistics:

 Armoured Vehicle

RF: None
Armament: Varies
Stabilization: None  Config:     Sntd Susp:     W(3)
Ammo: As Cargo HF: 2    
Fuel Type: G, A, D, Electric HS: 2    
Load: 1 600 kg HR: 2    
 Vehicle Weight: 3.6 Tons  
Crew: 2 + 4  
Mnt: 9  
Night Vision: Headlights, IR, Thermal, Sat Up-Link  
Radiological: Enclosed  

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