Armoured Vehicles

American Armoured Vehicles

(MERC: 2000 and DC prices listed in BOLD Brackets)

Type Models Shown
SOF Motorcycles Rapid Assault Motorcycle (RAM)
Military Pattern 4x4 M-561 'Gamma Goat', M-966/1036/1045/1046 HMMWV - TOW Carrier,  M-996/1035 HMMWV - Ambulance,  M-998 HMMWV - GP,  M-998A1 HMMWV - Avenger,  M-1025/1026/1043/1044 HMMWV - Armament Carrier, M-1037/1042 HMMWV - Shelter Carrier,  M-1044A1 HMMWV - LOSAT,  M-1114A1 HMMWV - Fire Support
Special Operations 4x4 Chenowth ALSW, RST-V
SOF 4x4 Vamp Mk I, Vamp Mk II, Vamp Mk III, Vamp Mk IV
APC/IFV/CFV - Tracked M-115A1 ACCV, M-119A1 APC, M-2A3 Bradley IFV, M-2A2 Bradley II IFV, M-2A3 Bradley Hellfire, M-2A4 Bradley 35 IFV, M-3A3 Bradley CFV, M-6 Bradley Linebacker

Light Armoured Vehicles

Cadillac-Gage Commando Scout *
SOF Tracked
M555 Wolverine AMC

Self Propelled Artillery

M-993 MLRS * M-2001 Crusader SPH/RSV *

Main Battle Tanks

Medium Battle Tanks
Cadillac-Gage Stingray II *
Heavy Battle Tanks
M1A2 Abrams III E *
SOF Vehicles
Mauler MBT

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