M167 Vulcan Air

M167 Vulcan Air-Defence System - Towed

 United States

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 The evolution of Dr. Gatling's automatic multi-barrel Civil War weapon, the Vulcan autocannon is one of the most popular weapons on the planet.  When the US went looking for a mobile AA gun in the post WWII world, they recalled the massive firepower used in the Franco/Prussian War where a handful of Gatling-guns wiped out an entire Regiment from its high rate of concentrated fire.  With the advent of radar fire control, this weapon is near unstoppable for defense.



Travel Move: Towed
Combat Move: Towed
Fuel Cap: Towed
Fuel Consum: Towed
Price: $ 75 000  Combat Statistics:

 Armoured Vehicle

Armament: Multi-Barrel 20mm Vulcan cannon
Stabilization: None  Config:     Sntd Susp:     W(3)
Ammo Wt: 50kg per 100 rounds  
Fuel Type: NA HF:     2
Load: NA HS:     2
 Vehicle Weight: 1.8 Tons  HR:     2
Crew: 4  
Mnt: 7  
Night Vision: Radar  




Weapon ROF Mag Rng Ammo Dam Pen
M167 VADS 60 10 000 450 API 10 -3/-2/-5
      450 HE C:1, B:2 -8


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