About Me
This is REALLY old stuff, the first I wrote!
I'm really embarrased over it, please don't read! @_@ I'm only keeping it for curiosa..
About Me
(If you want to know how I became looking like I do now (like an elf), go read Dorakets story!)
This is me! Iīm beautyful, isnīt I?
I was born in spring in  the southern part  of Sweden, called Skåne in the year of 1989. My mum was a redheard centaur with a black body and the most beautyful green eyes a creature ever had. When she looked on a male with her "special look" he couldnīt restist to start loving her. But, she did never fall in love herself. One day, when she sat 
A litle bit more about me:
Name: Fanny
Spicie: Centaur
Color: Black/white and blond
Mum: Salene, centaur
Dad: Topas, snakeman
under a three beside the lake, someone came down from the forest to swim. It was a man with his half body like a rattlesnake. He went down to the lake, and just when he would go into the water he heard someone giggle. He turned around and saw the beautyful centaur under the three. It was love at first site!
And yes, this time  s
man with an half
that amaced her. He er males. And he,
marvelus pesonality.
how someone  
he fell in love to! She had never seen a
animalbody before. And
didnīt look like all the oth-
ofcource couldnīt resist her
Yes, he didnīt care about
looked. All his life people
because he looked dangerous.
had taking distance from him, just
And so, on the common spring I saw the first daylight. Both my mum and my dad was very proud of me. A year later two days after cristmas I got a litle brother! He didnīt look like a fairytale creature at all, he looked as a normal human. A boy with red hear and absolutly "normal" (humanly speaking).

And that is the story about my family. Now, when I am older, I donīt spend so mush time with my family. I often prefer to walk around in the big woods alone and think. Or I wisit my friend Diana and Diana in the human willage. The people there is jused to us "creatures". Other williges hates us, but not this. We help echader when itīs nessesary and, the most of them, are our friends...
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