Warning! This is old!! Crappy spelling ahead!
The story about Doraket
and how I became a human
<--Fanny (me)
I have always wanted a dragon, that is why I got my dodrians (small dragon "pets") and Chelina (also a "petdragon"). I love them, I really do, but I also dreamed about a real big dragon, a dragon that can fly! (Acculy my "pets" CAN fly, but not with me on its back...) I used to sit and daydream about flying around the clouds on a big dragon. Sometimes It even took one of my dodrians on a ride (Chelina donīt leave the garden so often). I didnīt think about how it looked, witsh colors it had and so on just that it was big enough to carry me. And that would be as big as a big horse (the body) and its wings was quite big also, bigger than the body. And it also got a long tail and a quite long neck and it had claws on its feet. Ah! It really is wonderful to dream about dragons, it really is. But some day, your dreams come true...

It was the first morning in nowember 2002, it was a bit chilly and the trees had lost theyr leaves. I decided to take a visit to Mystic (read more about how I met her and how I got my dodrians here). I walked the way down the road to the place were Mystic often is when she talks to bonders and stuff like that. Mystic help dragonlovers to get a dragon. I often bring my dodrians when I wisit Mystic, she wants to see how itīs going with them. The dodrians likes to go on trips some times, to wisit Mystic dragons and so. But Spirenna is not so fond of it, she gets scared of the dragons and want to attack the bonders when I talk to them. On half the way Loki jumped down from a tree. -"Ha! Scared ya! Didnīt I" Loki helps Mystic with the dragons. Heīs a nice guy actully, but he  always tries to scare people. He was sucessful the first time, but not any more. "-You did NOT scare me!" Loki sighed ,and then he looked at me and smiled. "-Mystic said I should show you something, Fanny", Loki said and took a step forwards the side of the wood he came frome.
"-Are you coming or not?" I didnīt really like it, "heīs up to something", I thought but I didnīt want to miss it!(what it now was) "-Ofcourse I am!" I said and trotted after him.
It was hard fallowing Loki. Bushes and branches took a big part of the path and it was roots all over the ground. I had to look at the ground and Looki at the same time! The forest was just getting deeper and darker as longer we walked. Suddenly one of my hoofs stumbled on a root and I felt the hard ground when I fell. Loki turned around. "-Come on! We donīt got all day! You can rest later!" I got up. Oh! At that point I really wanted to kick Loki whit one of my hoofs, just a little bit. But I didnīt. I was afraid of hurting him, so I started fallow him again. Suddenly Loki sat down and  
slided down a trail. "-Come on, Fanny!", he shouted. Oh! Now he was REALLY stupid! I CANīT slide down a trail like that! I got a horsebody for Godsake! But I knew it was something special about that day and that I had to fallow Loki eigther I liked it or not. I sat down on my back. "This gonna hurt", I thought and pushed down from the edge... 
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(I donīt know who made the Loki picture, the "fanny picture" is from here)
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