This is also veeery old. Therefore the spelling litterary sucks and then the colours!! @.@ *sigh* But, I don't want to change it 'cos it's so old.. Please have some over-seeing with my weirdness..
My Dodrians!
This is the first Dodrian I adopted. I adopted him and the others the in october.

Hariljo is a bit larger than the
do things all the time, heīs allw even if Hariljo is a bit restless  He always protects the others,
Spirenna. I even think he got a
others. He wants to
ays on the run. But,
is he the "guarder".
specially the female  
  crush on her! :)
Bomeron is my other Dodrian male. Even if heīs a male he donīt got much interest in wimen. Heīs the laziest creature I ever met! I even thouth a few times he was dead! But, he was only sleeping, as usually. But he has a big heart, and thereīs room for plenty more of us!
            *hugs to you*
Spirenna is the last of my Dodrians, and I must worn you: Sheīs not as friendly as she looks. She can be a bit (by thath I mean VERY) agressive to strangers. She donīt trust anyone exept me, Bomeron and Hariljo.
I donīt know why, she has bin with me since she was born. I think itīs just the way she is. But, I love her no mather how grumpy she is!
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