A women sits there looking about the house. A home she had keeped safe even in the disasters. Even when the monsters returned she had keeped it safe. When the people returned, she had taken in orphened girls that had been taken as slaves. The life she gave them wasn't the cleanest way to live, but most of them knew little better, and heaven help any man who would hurt them. She never took customers herself. One time, one of the girls asked her way she didn't. The only answer she gave, was that she was for one person even if he didn't exist. They were baffled a little by this, but didn't ask again.

                                                                        *                    *                   *  
     The girls had already gone to sleep that night, whether with a customer or without one, when the door opened and he walked in. The one face she thought she would never see again.
"Hello, Druw." Crow said as he walked into the light. "What are you_?" "I thought you saw everything." taking her into his embrace. "I didn't see you." "Then you were surprised. That would be a first." "A first I'm happy to have" kissing him. Then backing away again "What if someone_?" "It doesn't matter. Havn't you heard I'm dead." taking her into his arms again."When the demon...took you. I saw... everything. At least for a while. Then I saw nothing. I thought you were gone." "Well, I'm here." "Yes you are." kissing him deeply. They made love that night. Something they had both been waiting for for years.

                                                                        *                    *                    *   
   When they awoke.
"Come with me." wiping a loose strain from her face "What?" "Come with me. Leave this place." "But who would look after the girls?" "Bring them." "Your serious." "I've waited, so long. Trapped inside my own head. Wanting to get out. Then, when I would think it, that stupid demon would laugh. If I could tear it apart I would." looking down sadly. "I can't leave here. It's mine, the one place I've ever been able to call home." "Don't worry, you don't need to deside now." looking at her with pity. "No, I don't need to deside now." they just lay there a little longer. "I think I'd better go." he whispers to her. "Where can I find you." "A ship in the dock. You'll know it when you see it. Now to sleep with you." As he crawls out of bed and leaves.
     They met together many more times. The girls quickly figured out what had happened. But they didn't need to say anything. Their mistress was finally happy, and they wouldn't be the ones to ruin it.
But often, others can ruin things while not even trying.

                                                                           *                    *                    *
     Screams broke out one night;
"Whats happened?" coming out of her bedroom and looking about. One of the girls was running out of a room, a man after her. She managed to get to a room, and slam it in his face. But he stood there smashing against it, trying to break it down, all the while screaming at her. Grabbing a bucket, Druw walked up the stairs and throw cold water all over him. Shocked by the cold. He stopped his ranting."I think it's time for you to go." she said coldly. Looking around he saw that everyone had come to look, girl and customer alike. "I came here for a good time and I plan to get it." "I think it's time for you to go." giving him a cold look again. "Or I could take you instead." coming at her. But he only got a few steps when he collapsed on the floor. A neat circle burning through him.
     Looking down at the floor one of her girls was standing there her hand pointed up to where the man was standing. Others looking at her fearfully.
"I...I'm sorry. I couldn't let him..." "Everyone out!" coming down the stairs "You." pointing to one of the girls "Go down, and get the coronor to come get...that." pointing at the man. "Yes mama." running out the door. "You." taking the girl gently by the arm. "Come with me." Leading her into her room. There they talked, but thats a different story.

                                                                           *                    *                    *
     Word soon got all over, that a man had been murdered by a house hore. The overseer had been and gone. Druw had made it clear that he wasn't going to take the girl. But that doesn't mean anyone was happy about it. One night they came, an angry mob with torches.
"Send the girl out." the leader yelled. "Your not going to get her. That I can garentee." walking out the door and giving them all cold looks. "Send out the girl, can't be letting trash like that walk free after killing a man." "Trash like her, that man was worse then she will ever be." "Are you going to send her out or not." "Not. Now git."
"Burn it!" someone started yelling. Then a chorus of "Burn it. Burn it." started in the crowd. Someone throw a torch on the roof, and the fire quickly spread. Running back in the house, she tried to get the girls out, but the mob was waiting for them outside. They captured the ones that got out. Screams could be heard inside the house. She tried to run back inside. but the mod held her back. By the time she broke free, and dashed inside the house it was to late, the girls fell unconscious in her arms from the burns. The mod grabbed her and pulled her back again.  They started stripping some of the girls, and getting ready to beat others, when a loud scream stopped everyone.
     Walking out of an ally Crow stood there, a boy next to him.
"Good work Eien." he says to the boy. And from the other allies more men walked out, some with weapons some without. "Let the girls go, or I sware you will die here and now." He was looking at the mob with a look so cold, that none of them dared doubt him. Letting go of the girls, many of them ran behind Crows men, who, some of which, where smiling smugly. Druw, however, stood up straitened her dress and walked calmly over to Crow. Taking a look back up a the house, she looks at him. "It's not home anymore." Taking her in his arms "Then you can come to mine." Keeping an eye on the mob, two men walk forward, and pick up the unconscious girls from the ground, trying to avoid the worst of their burns, then all the men back up and dissappear back into the allies, taking the girls with them.

                                                                           *                     *                     *
    Back on the ship, after the girls being tended to. Druw looks toward shore, where the fire can still be seen. Crow standing next to her. "They'll pay for this." "Is that a vision or a vow?" taking hold of her. "A little of both." "Well, I think I know where to start." "Where?" Giving her a little smile, he turns his head and yells at his crew "Make sail for Avengaea." looking back at her "There, we will meet with a man named Hedoro. He will take you where you need to go." Looking out at sea, she forms a smile on her face. "I can already see it." "Yes. I'm sure you can." bending down and kissing her, as they sail away into the night.

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