She was summoned to the courtyard by Hedoro. When she got to the sands, the two adults were standing watch over the rocking eggs. Taking her place around the eggs, she inspected the other bonders around her. Each of them filled with secrets, she was sure, that would have been no secret to her if she had cared to find out, but she didn't, in fact she was sure she prefered not to know. She was only here to get what she needed, and afterwords would never see any of these beings again.

    Finally, one of the eggs cracked and a red-black two headed dragonet spilled out onto the sands. It stood there poising itself, but she paid it no mind, knowing that hers was about to come. Staring at the egg she watched it slowly crack, and the black female spill out into the coutyard. Gathering herself, the dragonet walked forward. The red-black attempted to attack her, but was quickly stopped by his mother.

       She stood there, letting the dragon take her time, they were in no hurry. The dragon had other ideas though, walking strait to her, and she hears 
"You are mine" in her mind "I am Ravi". Placing her hand on the dragon, "I knew you would be." forming a smile on her face, "You two, to the kitchens. There's food for the youngling." Hedoro says to them scowling. "Food" the dragon says in her mind. Stearing her to the kitchens, Druwsila takes her dragon to eat. Leaving the other bonders to what ever fate had in store for them.
After returning to the ship, Ravi grew quickly. Looking at her grown dragon with pride, she could see what would come. "Soon enough, soon."  
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