Word quickly reached them that the eggs had started to hatch. Dropping what they were doing, they  rushed for the sands. Standing next to each other they both thought about what was about to happen.
     The dragons had caught her attention when they had first come through the rock tunnel. She hadn't expected to be leaving with one though. The wait was a bore, but have'n seen the adults hanging about the place, she was sure they would be worth it. This was probably one of the longest times she had ever stayed in one place and her mind had been bugging her to get moving for days. She hoped she wouldn't be here much longer after the eggs have hatched. She wasn't one much for giving up, especially after waiting this long, but she wasn't sure how much longer she would be able to stay, and at the same time keep her sanity. Watching the eggs rock, and crack open, she watched the hatchlings spill out and crawl to their bonds. Soon her mind started to wonder as it had been doing for the past few days. She felt someone knock her shoulder.
"Sspp, someones waiting." she heard next to her ear. Turning her head Blitz was staring forward, looking strait she makes eye contact with the pink and grey hatchling crawling toward her. Walking forward she takes the hatchlings head in her hands. Looking back up at Blitz "She says her name is Ersleth." Smiling she gets up and they start walking off the sands, when another hatchling heads there way.                           
    He wasn't sure how he felt at that moment. He hadn't relished having to do chores around the place but it was something to pass the time. It seemed to matter somewhat to Serine so he desided to stick it out. He had tried to talk her into leaving the past few days when she had started to acting kind of spacey, but she wouldn't, so all he could do was keep an eye on her. When he saw the hatchling looking at her, he noticed her being spacey again. He pushed her some to get her attention and pointed out the hatchling.
Watching her kneel down and touch it, he tried to see a sence of what it might feel like, but empathy definetly wasn't one of his talents. Following them off the sands
"Where do you think your going." turning around a light blue hatchling is staring at him indignitly. "Your mine, my name is Obioleth." "All right then, come on and we'll go get you both feed." and they leave the sands.
As soon as they thought the hatchlings were able, they quickly left Ryslen.
But the hatchlings didn't stay young for long.
And soon they were fully grown.
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