It had been sometime since the dragons hatching. Blitz and Serine had grow rather close in there travels together. He still hadn't confided in her there secret connection. Frankly he was afraid to. What if she couldn't forgive him, what if she turned her back on him. He didn't like even thinking about it. But every now and then the thought would surface and he would feel a pang of guilt for not telling her the truth. He would keep saying to hiself he would soon, when the time was right, but he never did.
     It was the first snow fall of that winter when they were traveling through a pass. The oxen pulling there wagon along. The one his father had built. He never did understand why Serine had kept it. When he asked she just said, "Because I could never find a reason to get rid of it." He guessed it was true but he could never fully believe it.
"Are we going to go soon?" Obioleth asks. "Go where?" he asks. "Go to Ryslen." "Why would we go there?" "Because, it's snowing." "Why would we go back just because it's snowing?" "The others are going back." "Okay, but why would we?" "Because, it's time for flight." he says looking over at Ersleth. "You don't mean what I think you mean?" he asks almost panicked. "Yes, I mean what I mean." "Has Ersleth said anything to Serine?" he asks thinking of how she had been acting the last few days. "Of course." he tells him. She had actually been acting kind of funny the last few days. "Well that explains that." he thinks to himself. 
     Running up to the front of the wagon he jumps up and sits next to her. She jumps a little at his sudden presence.
"Obioleth has just told me something rather interesting." he say smiling. "Whats that?" she asks, blushing a little underneath her hood. "He told me that we should head back to Ryslen where they were born." "Did he? Did he say anything else?" "Yeah, seems that it's time for them to go into flight." he says absentmindedly, as if it isn't anything of importance. "Really, he said that huh." she says trying to hide her face, that she know must be beat red by now. "Yeah, and apperently Ersleth has told you all that already." he says smiling at her, injoying his tease. He knew for a fact that she was a virgin, and he was having a little laugh at her expence.
"She may have mentioned something of the sort." she says not ready to abmit it. "Really? Well as long as we're not both in the dark." he says unable to contain his grin. "Your enjoying this way too much." she says taking a look at his face. "Maybe a little." he admits. "It's nothing to laugh at." "I didn't say it was." "You may not care who you end up with, but I'm not to keen on just waking up with some guy I don't even know." she continues to scold. "Of course you won't wake up with someone you don't know." her dragon tries to console. "Well that only means one thing." Serine says thinking about it for a moment, then she looks over a Blitz. "I'm getting set up by my own dragon." she exclaims.
     At her statement of just waking up with someone he freezes, and a sence of jealousy rises to the surface. Then at her exclaimation,
"You would prefer to wake up with some stranger then me?" he asks taken aback. "I would rather not do it at all." she tells him. "I don't think thats an option." he tells her, "Besides this doesn't have to be a bad thing." he says trying to sooth her. "Really?" she asks not believing him. "Yeah." taking hold of her hands and stopping the oxen. "I could show you." he says looking at her kindly and putting his hand on the side of her face. "I'm sure you could." she says going a little cold, but lets him pull her forward and kiss her. "Why don't we find out?" he asks, showing feelings for her he hadn't dared before. "Better sooner then later." she says being drawn into his light grey eyes. Getting up he steps through the heavy curtain seperating the driver seat from the inside of the wagon. "Then lets go." he says guiding her inside. They aren't seen again until a few hours later.

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