" Its me, Csipton."



Csipton, had decided to pay a visit to Irita, the headwoman of Dawn Sister's. He was thinking of moving back in again. Having left to tidy up some unfinished buisness, he was back again, and wondering... just hoping...

"What are you doing here Csipton? Are you back for good this time?"

He had to hand it to the headwoman. She always went to the point, no matter what.
"If I'm allowed to.. "

"You back then?

Csipton spun around to see the Weyrwoman Alora standing behind him, her hands on her hips, and giving him a pointy eyes stare. He grinned.
"You miss me?"

Alora laughed, completely dissolving the stern look.
"Same old Csipton then eh?"

Csipton grew up in a village near Dawn Sister's Weyr. But he had moved into the Weyr, following his mothers wishes, and disobeying his fathers. He had been 10 when he had arrived, and had spent 8 blissful turns. Nothing had been perfect, but things were close enough to perfect for him. Sure, he had his fights, his moods, his punishments. He had left two turns ago, and had returned now... hoping that maybe... he'd be accepted again.
Csipton had gone to visit his family first. His father wasn't mad at him anymore, but they weren't the bets of friends either. Being the oldest of the five kids, he had made an image of a kind hearted brother, and a devoted son. But everyone knew the truth... most of it. Csipton was ruthless. He was bold. He was bossy. And he was one of the most arrogant men alive. Which was why he got on famously with everyone. 

"So, can I come back Alora? "
He inserted a puppy dog smile.

Alora laughed, and gave a hesitant nod.
"You were always welcome Csipton."
She paused.
"Well, except the time you put a tunnel snake in S'vaj's Weyr. Or was it seven of them?"

He blushed. It had been his one time bad streak gone wrong. But he had grown up now... or so he hoped.
"Come on, he must have forgiven me by now."

Alora grinned.
"Well yes, I guess so. But I don't thin he's forgotten the time you bloated the runners at Rohlen Hold, and after all that work everyone put into."

He had to grin.
"I've always been very very good after that, haven't I?"


He turned around, to see a woman of 5'8, with shuolder length black hair and light green eyes set in a rather plain face. He gave her a lazy grin.
" Sana?"

"Yes, its me."

He let his eyes travel up and down her, and realised everyone has changed in just two turns! He felt so old.... Sana, had been a candidate, and shortly after that, a green rider. She was a bit... dumb, and spoilt. But she had a good heart.

Csipton? Is that you?

He laughed, as he heard the bossy sounding voice. When he had first arrived, he hadn't had any friends. He didn't have much friends now either. The Weyrwoman, the headwoman, and a green rider were his female friends. While the Weyrleader was his only male friend. He was quite unpopular...
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