Sana left then, having to go check on Fenbith. So the three walked towards the Weyrwoman's Weyr, where on the dragon couch, was a large queen. Csipton smiled, and did a bow.

"Ah, the queen of my life, have you missed me?"

Csipton, I knew it was you.

He gave the gold, whose eyes were swirling with amusement, a hurt look.
"Does that mean you haven't missed me?"

The queen gave a sound that sounded more like a unladylike snort, then anything else. He grinned back at her, happy to be back. Csipton never had alot of friends. He wasn't very sociable. Oh, he knew a lot of people, but he couldn't call them
friends. To him, friends were what others would call best friends. And so on. Strangly, his attitude changed infront of his friends, and the ones he treated others with.

"So, wheres the Weyrleader?"

"Busy... again."

"Does that mean I can make a move on you, and no one can say anything about it?"

The Weyrwoman laughed, as the Headwoman grinned.
"Same as always."

Irita pushed him out of the Weyr.

Csipton looked around, and spotted Sana sitting alone, with a large green for company. Wondering what was happening, he walked forwards. She was the same age as he, yet something about her made him feel older, more wiser some how. She was the only female he cared so much about.

"Are you alright?"

Who, are you?

Csipton was taken back by the remark, so he answered evenly.
"I'm Csipton, a friend of your riders, and if you'll excuse me, I'm here to talk to her."
He softened his voice, as he sat on the becnh next to her. They were facing the feeding barracks, where on the other side, the green was sitting.
"Are you alright?"

She looked up.
"Yeah, fine sure..."

Now he was concerned....

"You want to talk?"

Sana looked up at him and laughed.
"Are you sure your Csipton? I expect you to be yelling your head off at me for being sad and all. You've changed..."

He laughed.
"I'm just nice because you're a friend of mine."

That made the girl look up.
"Am I?"

He snorted.
"Why else would I be here?"

She grinned.
"Thats true."

Getting up, he pulled her up and walked with her to the kitchens.
"I'm hungry."
He explained.

They talked, Sana telling him about the changes made at Dawn Sisters, and Csipton telling her about his adventures... or so he called them. Just then, a brown flitter flitted around Sana's head, scolding her. Csipton eased back and smiled. She was lucky. Wasn't she? Catching him looking at her strangly, she grinned and looked around. She spotted W'ryn, head searchrider walking towards them and waved him down.

Whats all this

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