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Days passed slowly at Two River after Wyaren left. Jayrin worked steadily on his orders, and spent increasing amounts of time with his beloved, Maiahn. She alone knew how much Jayrin missed his stoic friend, as he confided in her, and she in him. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

When Hatching day arrived, a rdier came to fetch them, as Jayrin had promised to attend. Maiahn was delighted to go, and would hae even if she hadn't fallen for Jayrin. It's not often that hold girls get to go to hatchings.

Jayrin was delighted, and was looking forward to seeing his friend again, dragon or no dragon.

At Alabaster, they were led into the Hatching Grounds, and were free to choose their own seats. The decided on a space a few rows up, and while they were on their way there, Lord Holder Engell made himself comfortable in the front row. As they passed in front of him, they made a show of reverance. He was top man here, weyr or not.

The candidates were led in, Wyaren among them. Not much longer...

A brown dragonet cracked his shell, and made his way across the sands, moving away from Jayrin and Maiahn. Strangely, the brown stopped to help untangle a green hatchling.

Wyaren's face blossomed into a sudden grin. He'd Impressed!

Jayrin's jaw dropped. "Maiahn... did you..." He'd certainly not seen that level of emotion from his friend before!

Maihan gave him a squeeze. "I saw, Jayrin. Amazing, no?"

The hatching went on, and a brilliant sapphire blue dragonet struggled out of his shell, he was so beautiful, and yet, he couldn't find who he was looking for.

"Poor Darling..." Maiahn whispered to her love, and then the blue made for the stands. Lord Holder Engell had to get out of the determined dragonet's way, lest he be gashed.

The blue stopped in front of Jayrin and Maiahn. Jayrin looked into those happy whirling eyes... "I... this can't be right... I'm not a -"

You are mine! You are the one I choose! I do not make mistakes! the blue bespoke sharply. Jayrin finally hugged his dragonet, weakly at first but then sensing the dragon was solid - not a figment of his overactive imagination - he tightened his grip.

Do not worry, J'rin. I am always going to be here for you. The dragonet bespoke, then broke the grip of his new human. He looked over the boy's shoulder at a wide-eyed girl. The dragonet sniffed at her, all up and down from the tips of her shoes to her fingers to her hair which he seemed quite interested in. Then, the dragon turned to his human. She will ride soon, too. She will be in the air on a dragon with us soon.

"Are you certain, Amitath? I mean... of COURSE you're sure! She's searched, everyone! Maiahn is Seached!" J'rin cried out.

Together, the rider, his dragon, and his beloved - now a candidate - walked out of the hatching grounds, and met up with Wyaren. Together they fed their brown and blue friends, with help from Maiahn. Amitath continued to investigate Maiahn's long dark hair when he had the chance.

Yes, it was definitely a beautiful day.

Amitath has Grown!

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