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K'mer and Green Unath


K'mer hung his jacket on a peg, and sat down on the bed. "Please tell me you weren't serious, K'hi?" he whimpered, his pale blue eyes damp with unshed tears.

K'hi ran a hand through his dark hair, blowing out his breath in embarrased frustration. "No, I wasn't serious, K'mer." he said half-heartedly.

"But you asked for separate weyrs, K'hi!"

The bluerider clenched his teeth and turned his back to his weyrmate. How he loved the pale man, but...

"You meant it K'hi?" K'mer said with a sob, "You don't love me anymore?" K'hi hesitated one breath too long trying to decide what to say, and K'mer leapt off the bed, snatched up his jacket, and ran for the ledge. He climbed aboard Unath, and was gone.

"SHELLS!" K'hi said, slamming his fist into the doorframe. He'd really blown it this time. What was he going to do?

Chase him. Tirrath suggested, unfurling his wings. Isn't that what they always want when they run?

K'hi shook off the pain of the impact, and looked at his dragon. "Where did they go?"

They've gone to Baeris' Healing Den. Tirrath said.

"Why have they gone there?" K'hi said as he slipped into his accustomed place astride Tirrath.

How should I know?

* * *

Where are we going? Unath asked, leaping from the ledge.

Anywhere! Just not here! K'mer said, his mental voice strained with tears he fought to control.

We'll go to Baeris'. Baeris' is nice. Unath said. They're having a Frenzy there soon. I'd like to try it, if that's okay with you...

If that would make you happy, Unath... as long as one of us is.

* * *

K'hi found K'mer just as the greenrider finished writing something on a list. "K'mer..."

"You can't talk me out of it, K'hi. Unath is going to fly in this Frenzy if you like it or not!" K'mer said, rather decisively for one with tears streaming down his face.

"K'mer, you're being irrational."

"Irrational my foot!" K'mer snapped. "You're the one who wanted to 'see other people'." The room was suddenly supiciously empty of other folks.

K'hi swallowed hard. "But I only want you, K'mer..." he said.

"Yeah, prove it." K'mer said, and stormed off. K'hi began to follow, but found his path blocked by Masterhealer Baeris.

"You'll only make it worse if you follow him now, K'hi. Go home to Ryslen, and come back when you've calmed down." Baeris said. There was no arguing with her...

Unath is flying in the Cross-Gender Frenzy at the Healing Den!

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