T'lri and Corlath T'lri had been astonished by the beauty of the green and red draogn, and her fierce loyalty and boldness. Corlath had hatched from a Frenzy clutch at Baeris Kshau's Healing Den, and the odds were good that her parents were Prizith and Raindith.

Beside her, T'lri never need fear mockery for his birthmarked face again. One look at the wicked red horn gracing the top of her head sent shivers of fear down the backs of any would-be tormenters. She was a vivid green, ans was somewhat normal sized at 27 meters, and had stiking thick red markings along the trailing edges of her wingsails and along her neck and tail. Even her tail spade was red. Her limbs were thick and sturdy, and her eyes whirled with more colors at once than most could.


As a hatchling, Corlath had taken to defending anyone who was tormented, especially her rider. T'lri was very pleased, and Riale had congratulated him on impressing such a unique beast. Even Niawith had had something pleasant ot add. The only downfall of that hatching was that Chireyn had impressed a female dragon too... It wasn't the end of the world -- after all, there were other fish in the sea.

T'lri and his quiet green were fond of flying, and would often take a flight above the sea, to keep an eye on the seacrafters. Dispite white had happened before, T'lri still felt a loyalty to those who'd given him some happy times. Corlath thought it great fun to play with those silly shipfish. SHe wasl always careful to keep her chin up so none of her finny friends got stuck on her horn.

T'lri became fast friends with Shianna, rider of blue Kayrizoth. She'd once been the scapegoat too - but Impressing her daring blue had ended that nonsense.

Every once in a while, T'lri had a tendency to want to hide his face, but a supporting comment from Corlath, and he was sure of himself again.

With Corlath, T'lri was even able to venture a journey home to Bynor Hold.
But that is a story for another time.

Something called T'lri and Corlath back to the Healing Den; Corlath had the desire to find a mate and procreate - which she did well at the MultiColor Frenzy. Time passed, and again she longed for her birthplace. T'lri knew she would Rise whether he wanted her to or not - her children would choose those who needed them, as she had chosen T'lri. To the Cross-Gender Frenzy they went, intent on making a splash. One of Corlath's GRANDdaughters from the was there too. The Green-White marked Moriath.

T'lri wondered if he was getting too old for all this. He'd been 19 when he bonded his marked beauty, almost 23 when Bazuk hatched, 26 when Moriath hatched... He was almost 29, and Corlath wanted to throw him in with a bunch of folks, some of which were just more than half his age...

Don't worry about it, T'lri. Just relax and have a good time. Corlath said cheerfully. You're only young once, you know.

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