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Are you awake yet, T'rinn? the cutely green voice asked, invading her rider's mind.

T'rinn tossed in his bed, waking up slowly, but tangled in his blankets. "Hmm...." he mumbled sleepily.

T'rinn... I'm hungry! the voice continued, and the young boy sat bolt upright.

"Yuraith!" he exclaimed, and tried to get up, only to find himself sprawled on the floor. "Ow...."

The green's eyes whirled in distress. Are you hurt? Should I get someone? the green asked, moving quickly to her rider's side.

"I'll be ok, Yuraith." T'rinn said, wrapping an arm around his dragonet's slim neck. She nuzzled his shoulder.

Hatchling YuraithI'm glad. I wouldn't be ok withouth you. the green said. T'rinn felt strengthened by this, and got up off the floor. A few minutes later, the greenrider and his forever friend appeared outside, and looking for breakfast. Fortunately, Yuraith's breakfast was all ready for her. One of the other riders had gotten up early to chop up the meat.

While Yuraith chewed thoughtfully on a mouthful, T'rinn looked around to see who else was about. One of the healing den candidates walked past, keeping his face turned slightly away from T'rinn.

He is...? Yuraith struggled with a wholly new concept. ...cute? Am I cute?

T'rinn blushed. "Of course you're cute, Yuraith." T'rinn said, patting his green's head lovingly. "He's probably got a girlfriend though."

I love you. the little dark green hatchling said, and T'rinn felt like he was grinning all over.

"I love you too, Yuraith, with all my heart."

Yuraith grew up!

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