Seriael Ryslen Weyr


Seriael's Candidacy

As soon as Fienth cracked her shell, Seriael found her attention focused for the first time in her life - on the green hatchling, yes, but focused was the key.

Soon Fienth and Seriael would be running around together, but for now, Fienth ate, slept, and itched.

FienthSeriael was laying on her back with her feet propped up on the wall, staring at the ceiling when suddenly Fienth spoke. OOOH! I am SOOO Itchy! The green writhed in her stony wallow.

“You’re always itchy!” Seriael said, kicking the wall before she rolled onto her side and looked at her green.

“If your dragon itches all over… “ another weyrling said in an obvious falsetto as she mimicked the Weyrlingmaster “… you should wash and oil him or her.”

Seriael snorted. “Must you do that every time?” she said.

“Of course!” the weyrling returned, grinning.

Seriael laughed. “If I have to go wash Fienth…”

You HAVE to! Fienth interrupted

“…I’m not going alone.” Seriael continued.

“Of course not - you’ll be going with Fienth!”

Seriael threw her shoe at the nearest.

“Ok, ok! We’ll come too!” the weyrling said, her dragonet ducking as the shoe smacked the wall above her green head.

“Us too!”

“and us too!”

“Just keep your other shoe on!”

FienthSeriael sliced meat from bone, and cut it into sizable chunks before adding it to the stewpot. The first time she’d cut meat for her hatchling, it was “Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew...” nonstop until the other younglings had threatened to gag her. Now she did it without being squeemish, and she had yet to cut herself.

Fienth was asleep in the barracks when she began, but Seriael knew she would wake stoon, and then the weyrlingmaster would assign them to weyrs, since they’d nearly outgrown the barracks.

“Careful there, Seriael.” One of the cooks said, noting her absent-minded haste. “Wouldn’t want you hurt.”

Seriael slowed down, but her excitement didn’t abate.


Time flew, and so did Fienth. In addition to this, Fienth flamed. She and Seriael had had a long discussion, and they chose charing over childbearing. That deadly dance in the sky fighting against the menace was too aluring; and there were plenty of fertile dragons. Fienth didn't need to breed.

Their return to East Rock was such a spectacle. Jeyann came out to see her, and Kellir, now Ke'l had come from SilverMoon, where he and Kalavanth awaited graduation... and T'rinn! Seriael remembered him! Jey had rescued him from the river, and then they were both Searched!! ooH! so exciting. Seriael swept him up in an embrace so unexpected he blushed. Danoellin - D'no, now - wasn't there, but his Zilrik came with a nice note.

Tri Star WingKe'l grinned at his friend. "Seriael, Have they told you about the Tri Star Wing yet?"

The greenrider shook her head. "No, who leads it? Who's in it?"

"I do." Ke'l said with a grin, "and you're in it, if you want."

"I do want! Ke'l, Fienth and I would be honored to fly with you!"

Return to East Rock Impressed at Thayor Weyr

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