Sea Rescue

At Sennet Seahold, the newest "craft", SeaRescue, was growing steadily. After the Journeyman posted to Vallen's Cove Impressed that Orange Moeomth, they'd received much publicity.

SeaRescue isn't an official craft - not yet, at least - it's an offshoot of SeaCraft, and consisted mainly of very good swimmers who were enormously concerned with the well-being of their fellows, and the well-being of their enemies.

Though every SeaCrafter could rescue a drowning swimmer, and was trained in basic healing techniques such as for poison thorns, hypothermia, and care for general sea-related infirmaties, the Rescuers took a more thorough course, which included, but was not limited to Rescue breathing, and a form of CPR, although "cardio pulmonary resuscitation" means nothing on present-day Pern.

SeaRescue has been seen as a hybrid between SeaCraft, HealerCraft, and perhaps HarperCraft, as people-skills are a must-have.

Many young SeaCrafters have made it their goal to become Rescuers, but few attain the high standards, set by the CraftMasters.

SeaRescue Personnel

Journeyman Z'rin & Moeomth at Vallen's Cove

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Note: I am fully aware that SeaRescue does not exist on Anne McCaffrey's Pern. It is a "craft" that comes from my own imagination. My rationale: If lifeguards can come to be on Earth, then SeaRescue can come to be on Pern. It would've happened eventually, whether it made it into a book or not.

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