Flurry Hatching, Part Two

2001 Winter Gather Flurry Hatching
Part Two!

In the Shadow, a Light Blue hatched out, and made his way towards his chosen. He was the most unremarkable dragon, but he flared his snow spattered wings and leapt over the barrier into the sands. "That's one heck of a Tr... TRICK!" Duck said, and Conor turned to face the blue. "Hello Gyroth."

All of this was just too much for Mishar, the Pecwae from so far away. So many voices... Right at his feet, the sands shook and a startling silver figure burst from the sand. Mishar dropped to his knees, shocked by the sudden silence. Sorry I couldn't help before... the dragon whispered. "It's okay Seironasth..." Snowstalker smiled at him.

In the rough center of the grounds, two eggs shivered the red sands from their smooth shells. Forty-five, Forty-six... With synchronistic perfection the shells burst exactly at the same time, revealing two dragons - heads and forepaws at least, one white and one... black. "Talk about an entrance!" Hod whispered to Netsah, who nodded. The dragonets, who could not have been any more different, walked right out of their shells, spread their wings, and stood stock still while everyone rioted over the appearance of a White Night and a Black Light. "Black Light!" Mandy giggled in a whisper. Kris was hard pressed to keep a straight face. The dragons blinked, and as though that were their cue, Netsah and Hod moved towards their dragons, who moved in as well. "Ingmarth." Said Hod to the black-and-white and Netsah to the white-and-black: "Ateleiototh." Once the fabulous foursome exited the sands, there was a lull. Two dozen dragons hatched, and twenty two to go? There were forty six eggs, right?

The next egg fell over onto it's side, and then something burst out of the shell - a very small something. Actually two. Two tiny horns. Within moments, a cranberry colored beast with a completely bald head had made its way out of the shell. The dragon had a white muzzle, and a stripe that ran down her neck and back all the way to the tip of her spadeless tail. Snow spangled white wings flared, she bolted for the ring of candidates. Catch me if you can! she squealed. "Come back here Caelestith!" a rather playful unicorn said, giving chase. But if I come back, you'll catch me, Seka! the Cran-dragon said. "That's the idea, silly!"

As Seka and her beautiful bond exited, the neighboring egg - a long and narrow one with very little change from one end to the other; smooth as cream but flecked with dark like the sky speckled with stars - expanded ever so slightly as the dragon within pushed. The elongated pale egg shattered, spilling out a dragonet. Deep emerald green besmirched with white like snow flocking on evergreens dominates her tiny form, but for a stripe of purest snow running from her horned muzzle over her smooth, knobless head down between her snowflake spangled wings to the tip of her spadeless tail. A winter wonder. She moved with stark determination towards her chosen; calm and well balanced - patient, unlike typical greens. Arctic freshness like downy feathers drifting across newfallen snow; the dragonet spoke. Alaena... I am Nivalisth.

The next egg split like some wished winter would, revealing a green dragon with sunlit wings. She, unlike the green before her, bounced across the sand to Myandi. Don't worry about the colors! I want to see Snow! And Maex! the dragon said, and the artist from Cincanta smiled. "Sure thing, Nesseth!"

A snowy blue dragon with red-yellow-blue sunset wings stood and looked around the sands. Rainbow eyes settled on a young woman, and he began to move towards her when a strange creature bounded in and put herself between the dragon and the object of his desire. "Yuki..." Ielidyn began. Yuki is beautiful, and so are you Ielidyn. "Stirdalath... You're not half bad yourself."

Eyes were torn from the trio as a Light Gold put in her appearance. She grinned as her eyes lit on a woman who obviously had dragonner blood in her veins. With careful noble steps, the half white Flurry gold advanced on her chosen. I know this changes your life, Lyann, but I chose you. "Oh Aglaith, I wouldn't have it any other way!"

A blue dragon crept from his shell and looked around. Unfortunately, he couldn't see who he sought. In what may well be the only weak moment in his sure to be interesting life, he sat down, let his wings droop, and cried. Where are you? With tears threatening to form in his eyes, Marcel leapt onto the sands and rushed to the blue's side. "I'm here Taesavath, I'm here." The blue wrapped his spotted wings around his rider best he could.

Two Light Greens came out next and moved across the sands to their chosen. One seemed to glide along with her snowy wings fluttering like a cape as she moved. Elise... "Yes Wilenath?" Can we go now? I'm hungry!

The other stopped right in front of the stands, and glared. "Aww... she's just like you, Jackel!" Duck laughed, and then braced himself for the punch he expected to be coming. But it never came. Jacqualin leapt over the barrier and confronted the green. What're you looking at? the dragon demanded. "You, wingly. Got a problem with it?" No, Jackel, do YOU? Jackel laughed. "'Course not, Geylioth."

As the two Lights made their exit with their new bonds, a purple nose peeked out of a largish egg. She pushed off the shell, and shook out her wings, the color of her hide changing light and dark. Almost holographic, but not silver enough. Iridescent. The purple walked directly to one of the oddest candidates on the sands; the reality runner Aielke. I am Latoteyth, and I have Chosen.

Away from that spectacle, a bronze head poked out of its shell. It didn't take him long to get all the way out, but when he did, he kicked the remains of his shell away and began to dig around in the sands as though he knew something. "What are you doing, Taescath?" One of the candidates said, moving towards the seemingly indecisive bronze. Helping, Owenn. Helping. "Helping?" Just dig. As the new pair dug, they exposed egg after egg. Forty-seven... forty-eight... forty-nine... fifty... fifty-one... The last egg they uncovered cracked decisively, and a pale green made her way out. Her hide shimmered, and she looked around. She moved like silken satin across the sands to her chosen who wrapped arms around her. "Hello Raitarth." Said Hylee. Owenn and his bronze escorted them out.

Away from the newly uncovered eggs, an otherwise unremarkable egg shivered, and a network of cracks grew on its surface. After a moment, a blue and white dragon made his way out. The colors seemed to be drawn on with wide uneven strokes of color. He moved slowly, almost painfully so. Rahamim could hardly stand still, and battled her conscience about whether to help him. Don't worry; I'm ok. The blue's sleepy voice came to her. "But Adinath...?" It's okay Rahamim... I just wish these sands were cooler!

As the two met, one wrapping arms about the other, a blue hatched nearby. His hide glowed, two shades of blue, plus white, like cold bottled up. He moved as though wading through snow, and sliding across ice - right for the currently disbanded Cult of Winter. One held his breath and averted his eyes. Surely the fantastic blue would choose one of the others. He knew he would walk away alone today. You can't know that, Snowflake, for it is not true - and you cannot truly know falsehoods. The young man looked at the blue. "You talked to me?" Of course I did. I am yours, I am Schneeth.

Out of one of the most recently revealed eggs came a bronze, but no ordinary bronze. His hide had a sort of metallic-white overlay. The bronze walked past the incredible queen Senorith, brushing his wingtip against her in a sort of greeting. Fortunately for the young man he sought, Senorith did him no harm. I am Erynduth, and you are whom I seek. the bronze said, looking up at Tarledonn. What you did is understandable, and excusable, given the circumstances. The boy was shocked.

But not as shocked as the folks in the gallery. A small silver dragon peeked out of a small almost round egg; and soon her whole body was exposed, complete with two sets of wings. Fanning them delicately, the small dragonet made her way to a girl who may have been the youngest on Ryslen's sands in quite some time. Shekhinah... she called, and the girls green eyes locked onto the dragon. "Menyadarith? Oh Menyadarith, you are so... wow!" she was surely surprised!

Even with nine more eggs available than first shown, many of the candidates were starting to get nervous. What if they didn't Impress? Guilt, nervousness, and thoughts of skis fought for dominance in one girls mind, even as a tricolored dragonet hatched near the middle of the sands. The exertions of that beauty's hatching had exposed two more eggs, making some glad they hadn't bet on the true number of eggs. The white-gold-green dragoness moved with an air of grace, of pride, and of jubilance. She sidled up next to the girl of her choice and spoke in the merest of whispers. How about we get out of here and get something to eat, Liska? The girl responded with the barest of nods. "Deal, Auresanth."

Their departure was unnoticed as a boldly colored dragon burst free of its shell. White hide and brilliant rainbow wings. She walked with determination; steady. Her wings were long, which would give her stability in flight, and she would need it, in days to come. Syatti; she said, leaning on her chosen. We're a team right? The Journeywoman healer was astonished. "Of course, Talveth!"

A small egg that had barely rocked at all so far began to move, the ivory shell breaking apart like fragile china as the hatchling worked his way out. In the midst of the fragments a small white dragon with silver points got to its feet. I have waited do long! the voice was male, and as he stretched his wings someone got to their feet in the stands, slowly as though in disbelief. "Did you hear that?" he said slowly. The hatchling flit on his shoulder chirped. The silvered white walked across the sand. So long! And now you're so far away! People around him shook their heads. "We didn't hear anything, Sir." Are you coming? The white queried. "Of course, of course..." Engell murmured, and began to descend. "Lord Engell...?" Tiyanni said, beginning to rise. "He needs me." The man said. "But..." someone objected. "Just let him go." Tiyanni hissed, a sly smile pursing her lips. Engell made his way down to the sand, and the dragon waited patiently; more or less! Tiyanni half expected Engell to scoop the tiny white up into his arms. "Tehndarinth, where have you been all my life?" Engell, where have you been? I've been waiting forever! "Is he going to have to go through 'ling training?" "Duuh!" said a weyrbrat nearby, silencing the naysayer. After Engell and his handsome bond were settled to watch the rest of the hatching - it shouldn't be long... There were only nine more eggs, right?

The next egg shivered open, and a grayish-purple and white dragon slipped out. She traipsed gaily across the sands. "Don't worry, he hasn't upstaged you..." I'm not worried, Gyo, so you don't worry. The purple marked dragonet said. Gyo stared; just a little. "Neigeth?!" Yes? "Is this for real?" Of course.

The next egg split, and a Light dragon crept out, shaky at first, but then steady and determined. He reared his copper head and roared defiance. "You tell 'em Kaledonith!" Dioghaltas yelled back, then realized what he'd said. The Light Copper rushed to his side. In his haste, Kaledonith unearthed six eggs. "Fifty seven!" someone roared in astonishment.

But it didn't quiet down any when the next dragon snuck out of their shell. Pure as snow, this one. When the dragonet spread its wings, there were no vivid surprises there, only the spattering of snowflakes that graced every one of the flurry hatchlings. The true white hatchling advanced across the sands towards the candidates. One pale girl stood in the white's path. "Aisiosus?" she whispered in disbelief. No, sadly not Filianivei. I am Nevalith, and I choose you. She wrapped her arms around the white, tucking her face in close. What a fabulous moment.

A darkish blue foot appeared from an egg as the dragon within made his way to freedom. Escaping his prison, the blue looked around with wildly whirling eyes. Pssst... Jakob looked around, trying to find the source. Pssst! Jake! How do we get out of here? Jake stood up, and looked over the edge of the wall; the darkish blue was plastered to the wall, white wings spread so that no one would see him. With a laugh, Jake sprang onto the sands. "First, we've got to get to that big doorway, Savaranth." The blue crept towards it, and in a moment of indulgent silliness, Jakob followed suit.

Another blue pushed out of his shell, shining unmistakably in a metallic sort of way. "It's like glass iced over!" someone whispered. "No; like he's made of ice!" "Face it!" snapped a third voice. "He's a Metallic Blue!" The blue didn't like this much, and scampered to his chosen in a frightened manner. "It's okay Snaidroth." Frostbite said, comforting his blue who nuzzled his face into the chest of the youngest of the trio of Danachians.

Even as this happened, a pale bronze with sunset colored wings snapped out of his shell. Even though hew as only the size of a blue, he had airs, oh yes! He swaggered, he pranced, he strolled right to Caul, who looked young though he was much older than his size let on. Cauledern, I am... ha! You should know by now! Caul stamped his foot at the dragon, then began to act his age. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Weyrwomen and Weyrleaders - I introduce to you Beolanth!" There was scattered applause, but that was enough.

The next dragon shattered his shell so abruptly it elicited a cheer from the Mekora candidate. "That's the way to do it!" Aleima crowed. The copper dragon reared his head, proud of his entrance, his horns, and his silver-white stripe. That's nothin' Aleima! he said, running towards the winged half-dragon. Once I'm bigger, we'll get you flying again!

A sunny-winged Light Blue made his way out, and crooned, sounding like a wolf's melodic howl more than what one would have expected from a dragon's throat. Dilan laughed, and howled back. The dragon began to lope towards the defenseman, and Duck poked him in the back. "What's his name?" Dilan blinked. "Meloarth... but how do I know that?" Because it's my name, and because you're my rider. Dilan grinned, and bounded over the wall to his dragon.

As the next dragon made it's way out, a smart aleck in the stands commented that there was no shortage of blues this hatching. The new blue was unique - this far at least. He was blue-white, but his underbelly was a different shade than the rest of his hide. Very pleasing, actually. He walked straight to Yulie. Call me Saizith, or Saiz' or beautiful, if you want. I'm yours.

And the Hatching Continues!

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