Flurry Hatching, Part Three

2001 Winter Gather Flurry Hatching
Part Three!

With a sudden explosion, the largest visible egg burst and a gold dragon shone forth - with metallic white overlay, just like the bronze who had hatched earlier. With all the pomposity due her same-hued ancestors, she made her way to the only woman right for her. Angeoria; leading is in your blood, and mine. Together we succeed. "What do you have in mind, Xhorieth?" Lunch.

Between a pair of the original eggs, the sand quaked. With a force generated by anger, a piece of eggshell flew up from the sands, and a very dark dragon climbed out. Whose bright idea was this? the dark sapphire dragon snarled. When I find them I'll... "You'll what?" an impatient unicorn said. I'll seek revenge, of course. Hello Siban. "Hello Kakith. It's not nice to..." What do you know about nice? "Good question. Let's get you fed."

As the madman and his angry dragon exited, another buried egg made it's presence known, bringing the total to fifty nine, though by this point no one expected that to be the end of them. The newly exposed egg cracked and a delicate dragon the color of amethyst crystals made her way out. As dark as the sapphire before her had been was she light! With grace one would only expect of a walking crystal (were such thing possible) the dragonet made her way towards the only one for her. "Elirath?" Yes Ritwen? "What about..." We can wait for him, if you want. I can wait. Ritwen and her jewel-toned beauty retired to a patch of cool sand, and the hatching continued.

One egg, which wasn't quite symmetrical split open. With a flailing of snowy green wings, the white dragoness got to her feet. She drifted towards the candidates, then she ran down the line of candidates, flapping her wings. "Where are you going, Demarith?" came a voice from behind her. Um... I got carried away, sorry Aisha.

With fifty five dragons hatched, there were quite a few eggshells littering the sands. Some of the candidates began to clear the shells off to one side. There were only four eggs left, and many more candidates. Stresses ran high. As one of the girls moved some larger shell pieces, the sand shivered to her right; then burst outward, as a green-yellow dragon peeked out. Oh! Hello! the peridot dragoness said. "Hi Paianith." Kat said with a smile as the dragonet climbed out of her shell. She was surely kin of the other gem toned dragons, but who was their mother? Eyes turned to Opal White Truth, who serenely confirmed the accusation. With Paianith's assistance, a few more shells were taken away. One of the shallowly unearthed eggs shattered as its occupant decided enough was enough. His hide was icy blue, and the stripe added to his coolness. He walked across the sands, threatened arrogant candidates with his rhino horns until he came to the outer wall, visited by a few of his clutchmates. By now the "strange" visitors J'rin and Maiahn had brought knew what this meant, and got right to the edge. After a moment, a few traditionalists were surprised to see the small blue eyed blond haired Emily swing over the wall onto the sands. You'll never have to worry about jerky guards again, Emily my love. You're a dragoner now! "I was a Dragon before, Csanadrith." The young lady replied. Yes, but this is better.

The sands now held three eggs, but the dragons themselves weren't worried. The spectators wondered why the eggs were buried, and why the mothers didn't unearth them, but the dragons weren't worried. The sands shook, and slid off yet another egg. The dragon from within had marked wings, and was rather pale. Had he been in the snow, he would have been lost. "Sorry Raizoth, your camouflage doesn't work in here." The young man from Earth said, walking towards him. The brown-white cocked his head, looking at the one who's spoken - and his rather interesting hair. I wasn't hiding, Edgy.

One of the eggs split, and a sedate cream colored dragon stepped forth. Her wings were snow marked, but she wasn't very distinguishable. She walked directly to her chosen, and spoke in ivory silken tones. Rean, you have done well; I am Garenadrith; I am yours. Like she could argue? Like there was anything to argue about?

Chelsey, the annoying young girl from Earth, and Leigh Velana, a youth from Lao Daemia worked and chattered together to remove eggshells from one end of the sands. Sweeping some fragments together, Chelsey rearranged some sand, uncovering a buried bit of she.. With a laugh she swept the soft red sand aside, and uncovered more than just a shard - she'd found an egg. "cool!" she squealed, "Leigh! Dig!" Soon the girls had uncovered six eggs, and as Chelsey wiped sand away from the seventh, it rocked violently and threw itself into her arms. It cracked open, revealing a cotton candy pink dragonet. This hatching surely was full of surprises! "Leigh..." Chelsey began as Leigh Velana turned to Chelsey, with a lemon-yellow dragon in her arms. "This is Immeuzth." Chelsey said. "And Avalinaerth. She wants to help too." Fine! Let her! Imeuzth squealed, but I'm hungry! I'm hungry too! Avalinaerth chimed. The two girls helped their pretty dragons to their feet. "Whose children are those?" Red whispered, though not many would have heard him if he'd spoken aloud. "Judging by the fuss, I'd say Kukith's." Gem said. "Definitely Kukith's." "But Kukith's not a white!" Red said. Mia laughed. "She's Kukith." "Of course, that scatterbrained pink dragon wouldn't care; besides only her mate knew she was in the Flurry." "And her mate is?" Red queried sarcastically. "Veranth." Gem snickered. "You should hear him trying to quiet her down!' They laughed.

One of the newly uncovered eggs shattered, revealing a green dragon - but no ordinary green, a metallic one. Senorith looked proud as the small one surveyed the candidates. "You don't look so strange to me." Ruavin whispered. You don't think so? The green replied in kind, and bounded over to her. "Of course! I think you're beautiful Tsi'emeth!"

Another egg split, and was forced apart by a vibrantly colored dragonet. An iridescent red craned his neck and looked around. With a haughty sniff, he straightened up, spread his wings, and roared. But one young man was unsurprised. "You're full of hot air, Lyruth." Utamric said. Am not! I'm quite empty, thank you. the red dragon said. Utamric shrugged. "Ok, let's get you fed then.

A previously unrevealed egg split open - that is a hidden egg cracked open and the red sand poured in onto the hatchling. This will just not do! a voice said calmly but boldly. Exploding from her egg with just the right amount of force. Of course, this force revealed three more eggs. The silver green nuzzled each partially exposed egg. It's time to wake up now. she whispered. "Rennyth..." the silver-green's rainbow eyes leapt to the candidates. "Good job, Rennyth." Gevurah said, and the compact dragon ran to her.

An egg, long on the sands cracked open. It's blue occupant walked hesitantly as many eyes were glued to him. His snowy wings hung around him like a cloak as his iridescent hide flickered. HE whimpered, and a cloaked figure looked at him. "No worries, Varioth... No worries." Speak for yourself, Mutorudis... "Let's just go!"

One of the eggs Rennyth uncovered shivered in its roasty sand cradle, and began to crack. The dragon within squeezed out, and the cream-winged white gazed forlornly at her shell. I'll never figure out how to put this back together! Hokhmah? Will you help me? The young woman blinked. "Eggs aren't meant to be put back together, Jarviniath." Are you sure? "I've never seen anyone successfully reassemble one before. But it was comfy! "That's ok, we'll find somewhere suitable..." The cream-white thought this was acceptable, and they exited.

A very dark Light Blue snapped out of his egg, and looked around. Okay, this is no good. Andwith?? The boy's eyes would have snapped to the dragon, if they hadn't already been glued there. "Bidatath?" Where is she? "She?" The love of my life! She's with yours! Where?! Andwith blinked. "Novath is with Raeltun. Settle down." Make me! The blue said, and stamped his foot. Within the blink of an eye, he fell down into the sand. GET OFF OF ME! a voice snarled, startling Dephanee. The dark Light Blue scampered out of the sand chased by an angry, equally dark Light Green. Bidatath ran to Andwith, the boy with a dragon's name, and the green discontinued her chase. Calmly, she chose her forever friend. "Hello Jovannath." Dephanee said with a smile.

A blue dragon pushed his shell open, then got all of his wings organized. I bet he could stop everything. Daren thought, rubbing his casted arm as he lounged in the emptying section. Perhaps, Lawson, Perhaps. Care to find out? Daren sat bolt upright. "What?!" Daren... the goalie was over the barrier and into the sands, careful not to jostle his broken arm. "Are you serious Rhyalinth?" Doesn't thatanswer your question, Daren? The goalie laughed. "It does, It does!"

Elirath leapt to her amethyst feet. Now! The sand quaked, and a new dragon burst out. Both blue and brown graced his muzzle and paws, but most of him was pure white. You didn't have to shout. the white-brown-blue said calmly. I would have gotten out anyway. Elirath made a face. Eci? said the dragon as he stood before the elf. Will you have me? "Narath, I wouldn't have another." The elf said, embracing his bond before he and his sister exited with the dragons.

A brown dragon pushed out of his egg, and then flopped over onto the sands. I'm tired. "That's understandable, Jaonath. You just hatched." Andyn would have stared at himself if he could, but instead he hurried over to the two shades of brown hatchling, and encouraged him onto his feet.

One of the four currently visible eggs cracked and the green dragon within stretched and yawned. She looked around, settling her snowflaked wings to her back. Okay, I'm ready. Let's go Iridalvi. The girl just gaped. "Did you know your paws are blue, Kalliasth?" The dragonet shrugged. So? I like them. "Good. So do I." Iridalvi said, and together they left the sands.

The hatching drug on and on. Would it ever end? Surely thirty dragons more than they expected was enough? A green-white head poked out of the sand. Who buried me? she queried. "I don't know, but you're not the only one to have to climb out of it." Benca said. "Need a hand, Leantruth?" Please? the green said, exceedingly happy to get out of her egg and out of the sand. Her wings were spotted with white - quite the flurry dragon!

A Light Blue snuck out of his shell and began to dig around. Two more eggs were revealed before his rider joined him. "Why are you digging, Fetuth?" Because you are, Pashin. The blue said as they uncovered two more. Why are you digging? "Because you are." Pashin said, then dusted off his hands. Okay, can we eat now? "Yeah, lets!" As Fetuth walked out, his foot slipped, revealing another egg. It quaked and he ran.

A green dragonet soon emerged from that egg, and looked around. She strolled over towards Natilya, tripped on her white wings, and landed at the girls feet. "Yohlisanth?! Are you ok?" I am no, Natilya.

One of the recently found eggs rocked a few times, and split. It took a moment for the dragon within to get free, but when she did, it was worth while. A splendid purple, with fancy white socks and a blaze. Unfurling her wings, the golden snowflake caught eyes even as Binah's eyes met those of her forever friend. "Agnitioth, my inspiration." Binah; I am more than that. I am your wings; we shall soar.

Two eggs hatched together, revealing dragons identical in markings - yet one was blue and the other green. They took one look at each other and ran in opposite directions. Unfortunately, they should have gone past each other, as the candidates they sought were on the other side of the dwindling circle. The green, striped color on white, ran quickly to Sevina. I'm Kailath! The blue, not to be outdone, sprinted to his chosen, and crashed right into Altus. Oops... Sorry... "It's okay Konahousth!" The two pairs exited, avoiding each other.

In the stands, Carter stood up. "Where are you going?" Duck asked, though he knew full well. The center looked at Jonathan. "To get my dragon; he's stuck." The young man ran out onto the sands, and began to dig. After a frenzied moment, he pulled a dark metallic dragonet up to the surface. Thanks for the assist, Carter. "No problem Akigrath." The brown nuzzled his rider. Let's go eat. The young man and his metallic brown walked out - who's to say that he's any less than a bronze?

The sands had long since begun to cool, and Noelani had sat down. The soft sand in front of her had her attention, not the eggs as a sunset winged green made her way out. I know I took a while, but your waiting is over now. The green said, nudging her chosen. "Kigraith... Kigraith! Wow! I mean..." I know what you mean!

Again the sands shook, and again attention was dawn, but this time, something different happened. On the other side of the sands, a dragon worked their way out of the sands. His snowy wings were black as space, and his hide was dark amber - like a bronze turned into a gem. He moved with power, and caused a smile to grow on one boy's face. "Hey Taveth..." Yeah Cixm? "You are going with me, aren't you?" Du...uh... the amber-bronze said, then laughed. I can't believe I said that! Cixm laughed too. "Hey, do you suppose there are any more buried eggs?" Want to look? "Sure." Cixm - now X'm - and his dragon searched through the sands before an irate Oroth chased them towards the exit with a sweep of her tail. She uncovered two more leaving seven eggs, and six candidates.

The smallest egg split dramatically, and a small dragon - very small - crept out. Their wings were the color of snow on ice; silver-white covered the entire dragon. With speed like winter wind, she raced to her chosen - the only candidate small enough to even consider. Ainea. Hello friend Hello Ainea. I've been waiting. the silver-white said, nuzzling the tiny elf. My name is Adisath.

Icewind smiled ever so slightly; but it broadened as the egg directly in front of him shattered, as if it were made of ice. There stood a silver-coated brown. He looked cold, though Icewind knew full well Glacieth was plenty warm. They're waiting. "Yes, I know." The Cult of Winter member said. "Come, let's join them"

A bright green dragon snapped her shell in half and strode out boldly, her iridescent hide shining and shifting. I know you're here! she said, gazing intensely at the few remaining candidates. Get your tail down here before I get mad! she said, stamping one forepaw. Up above, something stirred. Something large. Khalbalahath dropped to the sand, his Light wings flared. Khalbalahath, how dare you keep me waiting? Saktishanatath. the riderless Light Brown murmured and she nuzzled against him. It was cute, but way too weird for J'lenn. By this point, Ar'wen was bored of his game, and let the cranky man go.

A green dragonet peeked out from under a shell and then floated towards the candidates. Her hide was two-colored, light and dark like her brothers who had gone before. Hesed, I am Upendoth she said serenely.

The next egg to hatch was a blue - sortof. His hide was mainly white, but he sported blue socks and a blue blaze. Ryan deserted the remainder of the team, and all but tackled Lovaritoth. But hockey players don't tackle.

A Light dragon pushed free of his shell - his head was a rusty red color - not quite copper, but definitely brown. He moved like a slowly melting carving towards his choice. Andrew laughed at the irony. Betsy had been chosen by an icy blue, and he by a fiery Light Brown. That's nice. Can we eat? "Of course, Lihcith."

This left two candidates and one egg. It split in two, revealing a royal purple Light dragon. Beneath her feet the sand shook and an egg split leaving the royal purple tangled with a lavender Light.

Help! Snowstrider! Cumulus! Help!

The two remaining candidates moved to their aid. The huge Trevenici, and the white haired Cumulus. After they separated the hatchlings, their choices were apparent. The Royal took Snowstrider and the Lavender chose Cumulus. "I love your color, Shailekyth." Cumulus said, as Snowstrider discussed something with Shytaeth.

It became apparent that it was over when Oroth, Senorith, and the other mothers, including the airhead Kukith followed the 88th and 89th dragons from the sands. The populace exited as they could, most returning to help prepare the hatching feast and cut more meat for eager hatchlings.

Once outside, Tiyanni stretched her arms. "That was some hatching!" she said. "Oh yeah! Did you see J'lenn's face when..." Tiyanni poked J'kosh in the ribs. "He may be a stodgy hidebound creep, but he's a good searcher and you know it." J'kosh grinned. Tiyanni smirked and scooped up a handful of snow and packed it together. "Hey Quachir!" she shouted, and the young Seiryuu goldrider turned to face her, and was rewarded with a face full of powder snow. "This means war!" Ar'wen cried on her behalf, and returned fire, plastering a new rider with a gloppy snowball instead of Tiyanni. A full scale war began with all the Seiryuu riders joining with Quachir. Two thirds of the candidates fought with Tiyanni, though small factions of siblings and friends fought amongst themselves. A slushy snowball spattered on the back of Tiyanni's neck when her scarf slipped, but when she squeaked and turned to confront her attacker,. no one was there. Engell and his cute silvered white were going inside; surely Engell hadn't thrown that... or had he?

Surely it was a hatching to remember.


Flurry Riders
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