Ki & Amnyth's Hatching

After Ki's insomnia problem was thoroughly solved, things began to improve for her and for her brilliant blue dragon.

His constant companionship slowly helped Ki to open up to the outside world. As Amnyth reached the end of his first Turn, Ki had a long way yet to go until she would be of as much use to a fighting wing.

Today, the weyrling class would be riding their dragons for the first time - in the air. Watching Amnyth get used to taking off, flying, and landing had almost been enough to kill Ki. She wanted to be up there with her dragon bond.

The weyrlingmaster was checking everyone's straps, and was nearly to them, at the end of the line. Ki wasn't nervous. She'd built Amnyth's harness right. Across the semicircle, some weyrlings were fooling around, climbing half onto their mounts and leaping. They'd better knock it off. Ki thought. They'll jeopardize this whole lesson!

Ki felt Amnyth open his mental mouth and call out to them Do you mind? Some of us want to go flying to day, and your antics could foul it for all of us. Amnyth was an outspoken blue, which was good for Ki, as one of the quietest people on the face of the planet.

The sudden cessation of movement on the far side of the semicircle caught the weyrlingmaster's attention. He looked, but nothing in the stance of the weyrlings and their riders disturbed him, so he continued on.

Ki and Amnyth awaited their inspection. When the Weyrlingmaster D'tol got to them, he inspected Amnyth's straps, then stood and just looked Ki in the eyes. The other weyrlings got eerily quiet.

Easoth wants to know why I told them that. Amnyth whispered. What do I say?

We've been waiting long enough to fly together, and we know one bad fruit spoils the whole basket. Ki whispered back mentally. Ki listened as Amnyth relayed, even though she was unnerved by D'tol staring her down.

One bad fruit spoils the basket; we want to fly, and their behavior would spoil it.

All this happened in the span of a moment. Weyrlingmaster D'tol grinned and slapped Ki's shoulder.

"Good. Mount up, Weyrlings!" he said boldly, turning towards Easoth. "Ki; Amnyth, you're starting us off today." He said, a hand on Easoth's forelimb as he climbed up. "Amnyth knows how to fly, so let's see you ride."

Ki fastened her riding straps, and slid her goggles into place. She tapped Amnyth's neck to signal her readiness. Amnyth unfurled his wings, and leapt from the ground. Ki tightened her legs around his neck, and leaned forward to keep her balance. A "perfect" take off.

The weyrlingmaster scoffed. Usually the first did it wrong and he got to tell the others to "show them how it's really done."

Ki was a good egg.

Ki rode astride her sturdy blue dragon and laughed as they darted and wove their way through the others.

You are happy now, ridermine? the blue purred into her mind.

Yes, Amnyth – I’m always happy with you. she sent back.

Too soon the exercise ended and they returned to the ground. The Trainer assembled them all, and bid them farewell – no more training, no more classes.

As they departed, Ki was surprised to see Ryslen’s Leader there. “Ki – you’ve grown.” He said with a smile.

“Time passes, J’kosh.” She replied, surprising him in turn. She hadn’t been vocal when he’d brought her here.

“Indeed.” He said. “Are you planning to stay on here, or would you like to come to Ryslen?”

Ki smiled. “It has always been my intention to go there, J’kosh. Amnyth and I are ready to leave – not that it’s bad here, but we’re ready for adventure.”

J’kosh grinned. “Ki – I’ve got an offer for you. Come to Ryslen, join a Fleet, and…”

“One step at a time, J’kosh!” Ki said with a laugh, “Let Amnyth and I come and let the wing choose us.”

J’kosh nodded. He could settle for that.

The blue and his rider settled in quickly, and Ki found she remembered many of Ryslen’s dragons from her past. It would not have been a surprise to be chosen for any one of the older wings, but when Ke’l, Kalavanth’s rider approached her and asked her to be his Second, she was speechless again.

Does this mean we accept? Amnyth laughed.

“We’d be honored, Ke’l, but we’ll accept on one condition – “

Ke’l blinked. He wasn’t expecting any conditions! “And that is?”

“That this is for real, and not some favor for J’kosh.”

Ke’l laughed. “I haven’t even told J’kosh who I’ve chosen, and he hasn’t suggested anyone. Ki – who would you pick for the fleet?”

“T’zir and Ilyboth, and G’leyr and Nuikath.” She said without a moments hesitation.

“Why?” Ke’l asked.

“They’re good men and dragons, and I’d trust them. Besides, Ilyboth flew under Amnyth’s command in the training flee. He’s already conditioned.”

Ke’l laughed. “Good deal. You go ask them if they’ll join us.”

Ki saluted and ran off joyfully.

Ki? Do you think you could handle it if I flew in a mating flight? Amnyth said to his rider as she lay against his neck watching the stars.

Ki furrowed her brow. “I don’t think I could, Amnyth…” she said, assuming the green would have a male rider.

Don’t worry Ki. It’s Jeschuteth, at Falas. Her rider is Aylani… the blue said.

The name sparked something in Ki’s mind. “I think I can handle it Amnyth. Go ahead.”

Falas Weyr

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