Ke'l's Candidacy

Ke’l smiled wistfully at the sleeping bronze dragonet. His bond, Kalavanth. He didn’t want to be conceited, but he knew a bronze was going to pick him. It was only natural.

Kalavanth rolled over, kicking out a foot. He’d be a big, strong bronze when he was full grown - unless Ke’l’s knowledge of hatchlings was lacking. He’d grown up at Ryslen - he knew all about dragons.

What will become of us? Ke’l thought, Will we do something important? Will we lead? Will you catch Mezireth when she flies?

The hatchling bronze kicked again. Ke’l wondered what his lifemate was dreaming about. He yawned. The hatching feast had make him sleepy, even though he was already feeling tired because Kalavanth was so exhausted from hatching. All the weyrlings were - it had to do with the connection between dragon and rider.

Ke’l smiled as he lay back on his pillow. They’d be so proud of him - and he know so much about dragons, he’d be an asset to his weyrling class...

“Very good. Now breathe out.” Ke’l instructed. Cascades of bubbles rushed towards the surface.

Kalavanth’s eyes sparkled under the water. Are you sure this will improve my lung capacity and flaming ability? the bronze asked, digging his feet into the sand at the lake’s bottom.

“Yes.” Ke’l said, “Go ahead and come up now. Harper Vita said she used this technique, and it helped her, and her green used it too. If she flames as well as a blue, imagine what it will do for you.”

Isn’t it selfish, Ke’l? Kalavanth asked, his worry evident in his eyes.

“Only if it works and we don’t share the technique.”

We’ll share it with just my clutch siblings?

“Oh for heavens, no! If it truly works, Kalavanth, I’ll strive to get it as part of every young dragon’s training.”


“I promise, Kalavanth. My word to you as a dragonner and as your friend.” Ke’l said sincerely.

“Ke’l?” a voice queried in the following silence.

“Yes J’kosh?” he answered without looking.

“It’s good you still remember my voice, Ke’l.” J’kosh said, stepping into view. “I’ve come with an offer. I know you and Kalavanth have a lot of training left, but I wish to offer you a position at Ryslen.”

Ke’l’s eyes brightened. “Whatever it is, I accept. I look forward to returning home to Ryslen.” The bronze’s rider said.

“Good.” J’kosh said. “Return to us as a fleet leader then.”

Ke’l’s eyes went wide “I’m honored sir.” He said respectfully.

“As am I.” J’kosh said. “Are there any here you would have Ride with you?”

Ke’l did not hesitate. “Ti’m and Brylina. And R’li, if he’s not going back to IceRain.”

J’kosh nodded. “Sound like good choices, Ke’l. Invite them when you feel they’re ready.”

Ke’l nodded. “Yessir.”

J’kosh drew a small packet from his pouch and tossed it to him. “Wear them with pride, Ke’l, and return safely to us.” J’kosh said.

Tri Star FleetWithin the package was a stack of carefully embroidered patches, emblazoned with a trio of stars. “Sir? We’re to be the Tri Star Fleet?”

J’kosh grinned. “I thought you’d forgotten.”


J’kosh laughed. “Make us proud, Ke’l - Oh, and if there’s anyone at Ryslen you want, come tag them as soon as you can fly.”

Ke’l dusted off his hands. He and his mighty bronze had finally graduated from training. Today they would set off for Ryslen and take their destiny by the horns. And literally. All of the Silvermoon dragons had grown long sharp horns. Fabulous creatures, they were. With Ti’m and Cendanth, R’poli and Kovirath, and Brylina and Adegometh, they set off. Today was the first day of the rest of their lives.

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