It was mere moments after J’rin and Amitath delivered Haezar to the Weyr that the dragons began humming. When J’rin said they expected Cytiath’s clutch ot hatch any minute, he’d really meant it. Haezar was still cold from his near murder, but the heat of the Hatching sands soon began to warm him.

The two-toned dragonets that hatched were truly beautiful. Suddenly someone called out Help!

Udeventh Haezar looked around. NO one else flinched. His eyes went to the eggs. The white hind-end of a dragonet stuck out of the egg. The dragon was trying to back out, but his wings were caught. “Ooh! Don’t move Udeventh! The shell will rip your wings!” Haezar said, rushing to the dragonet’s aid like the nice lad he was. He wondered why he knew the dragonet’s name, and as his eyes met those of the Light blue dragone, he knew.

This was his dragon.

H’zar? Udeventh said, Why is your hair all wet? You didn’t just hatch.

H’zar laughed. “I’ll tell you all about it later – let’s get you fed.”

Weyrling UdeventhThe white-blue dragonet grew rapidly, and was likely to be the size of a large blue when he was full grown. He still slept extra hours during the day, but this only confirmed the theory.

While Udeventh slept, H’zar did his best to be helpful. At one point, he’d taken to delivering messages about the Weyr. One of the Wingleaders -Q’wil of the Black Arrow Wing - took a shine to the Light Rider, and promised him a spot in his wing after graduation if he stayed so cheerful and open-minded. H’zar thought it was a fair deal - this is how he was, and if the Black Arrow Wing wanted him NOW...

H’zar becoming the token Weyrling of the Black Arrow Wing did much to Improve Morale among the Weyrlings. If one normal-seeming wing wanted Udeventh and his rider, then perhaps others wouldn’t be confined to “specials only” wings if they chose to transfer to other Weyrs.

H’zar was sure to tell “his” Wingleader about Udeventh’s development, so he could judge for himself how good of a dragon he was getting for his wing. Q’wil took careful note of the halfling’s development, and passed on the information to Tiyanni. Together with the information she got from Weyrlingmaster D’lrik, the Weyrwoman knew that the half-white dragons would be all right, and that they would be productive members of any Weyr.

And H'zar does get to join that wing... right?

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