Gem Silverstar Dragonsbane

Gem Silverstar Dragonsbane packed some things into a small pack, and left it with Eeppoth's riding straps while she went to eat. Her stunning blue was in the feeding grounds having a snack. She'd need a lot of energy for what they were going to do today. It would take a series of jumps to get back to the first pass, but Gem and Eeppoth didn't care much. They could handle it.

A hearty breakfast, and Gem was on her way. Eeppoth and her rider made three jumps per day, stopping to rest - and to let Eeppoth "snack" to keep her energy level high. This part of the trip was uneventful, but their arrival at the weyr sparked a lot of attention. Everyone wanted to take a look at Eeppoth. And they all had questions. Gem refused to answer some, knowing htat she shouldn't do anything that might change the future. After a while, all the fuss died down, though Gem could still hear the dragons speculating. Gem sat and chatted with D'nal and Chris and found that a little over four months had passed since she left - and (after a little prompting) that D'nal and Chris had become a couple - and that Chris was expecting.

One part of the first bisit back would stick in Gem's mind - When she introduced Eeppoth to D'nal and Chris, the bluerider looked a bit startled. "Say that again!" she said, eyes wide.

"What? Eeppoth?" Gem replied.

Chris laughed. "Pretty! He's Pretty!"

"Of course she is." Gem replied, absently correcting.

"Yeah, sorry. She's Pretty. Eeppo. It means 'Pretty' in Korean."

Gem smiled. By the time Eeppoth hatched, all of the languages would be pretty much forgotten.

* * *

Life happens; read this story for insight into what happens next.

* * *

Upon Gem and Eeppoth's return to "the present" they found a message from Ryslen Weyr awaiting them. It not only contained an invitation to transfer, but a request for her to talk to Aeza. Intrigued, Gem took her leave from Istabitha's, and with her beautiful blue, ventured off to Ryslen.

As usual, Aeza was in the healer's den, helping Healer Mallian. "Aeza?" Gem inquired from the doorway, and a dark haired girl looked up.

"Gem, right?"

"Right." Gem replied. "You... wanted to talk to me?"

"Yes," Aeza replied. "Please step into the office."

* * *

Gem soon found herself settled into a chair with a mug of cider in her hand. She felt at ease with Aeza, as though she didn't quite fit either. "It's kindof quiet around here today." Gem remarked absently.

Aeza nodded. "We lost a rider to Threadfall yesterday."

Gem blinked. "A friend of yours?"

Aeza shook her head. "No, he's quite the jerk, actually, but it hits the weyr hard when a Searchrider dies." Gem cringed, and Aeza nodded sincerely. "Actually, that's why we summoned you. We've got a plan..."

Gem held up a hand. "Who's we?"

Aeza nodded. "Texia, Tylar, M'lean, G'rin, T'gre, and myself." Gem waved for her to continue. "We want to rescue J'lenn and Scith. With M'lian, Trillienth, and Kiraith's healing skills, we can heal them."

"ANd why do you need us for this? You've got Ajantith and Garionth..."

Aeza blinked. She hadn't told Gem the dragon's names. "Minor scoring. They can't go between and the others are too small to convey Scith."

Gem took this all in. "But why me?"

Aeza smiled. "You've the most practice in time-jumps than anyone else - even Tylar hasn't jumped as far back as you..."

Gem didn't know whether to be distrubed or flattered. "So what's the plan?"

Aeza grinned. "Let me call the others..."

Gem smiled. "Let me."

Within moments, the others streamed into the office.

"Who called Isemoth?" Tylar demanded.

"And Garionth?" said T'gre, settling to the floor.

"And Ajantith?"

"And Remembreth?" G'rin and Texia said in chorus.

"And Trillienth" M'lian added.

"Did Eeppoth?" Aeza asked.

Gem smirked. "No; I did."

The crew gaped. "You can hear all of the dragons?" M'lian asked. Gem nodded.

"Great!" T'gre said. "That'll make things easier?"

"How so?" Gem asked.

"You can coordinate, so none get lost - and you should be able to hear Scith..." G'rin explained before his cousin got the chance. Gem nodded and the details were quickly given to her.

* * *

Tylar and Texia were to accompany Gem - Isemoth giving the first coordinates, and Texia to guide the way to J'lenn when they got there. THere was no risk of these two running into their past-selves, as Texia and Tylar had been at the Weyr when Scith went Between.

Kiraith and Trillient could be allerted as soon as Gem and Eeppoth came out with J'lenn and Scith.

The betweening was the easy part. Locating one blue dragon out of the entire Weyr's population proved to be the problem. If it hadn't been for Texia's future-sight, J'lenn would have slipped away unnoticed. As it was, Eeppoth was almost too far away to help as the deadly rain came pouring down on the searchrider.

Eeppoth jumped and was beneath the blue a split second before he winked out - and when he did, the rare female blue was ther ewith him. Scith's mind screamed in anguish.

J'lenn is in shock, but is alive. Eeppoth somehow told her rider in the blackness of Between.

Suddenly the cold ended and there was sunlight. Gem could smell the reek of phosophor, and yelled mentally for the purple and purple-white dragonesses.

Trillienth! Kiraith! Scith and J'lenn need you! Gem heard Isemoth and Remembreth murmuring comforts to the injured blue who lay on Eeppoth's back. I thought you two weren't coming! Gem thought at them.

What do you mean? We were already here. Remembreth told her. Eeppoth veered hard to land in a hastily cleared spot, and almost dropped Scith. Isemoth grabbed him by the wing-shoulder and countered, keeping the blue balanced on Eeppoth's back. The healers and the talented dragons rushed her when she landed, helping to get Scith and J'lenn secured.

EeppothEeppoth and Gem moved off to a safer place. "Thank you Rider." a voice siad from beside her. It was one of the candidates. "J'lenn might be a hidebound jerk, but he's a good searcher. Ryslen would be too wierd without him."

Gem felt pleased, and could feel Eeppoth echoing the emotion. But now what was there to do?

Go home and take a nap? Eeppoth suggested. and then come back "tomorrow" when we're not here?

Gem nodded. "Good plan, Eeppoth. What do you say we transfer here - at least until J'lenn and Scith are fully healed?"

Sounds good. Eeppoth said. We can do anything we want to, you know. We can stay longer, if the Weyrwoman will let us visit the past...

* * *

Gem and Eeppoth returned to Ryslen about an hour after they'd left to rescue J'lenn. It was dangerous to jump forward but...

Gem & Eeppoth are here!


Eeppoth & Gem!

Eeppoth! Welcome!

Welcome! we're in the healer's office. Quiet - J'lenn is sleeping. The last voice was Remembreth.

Gem walked in. Everyone was there. "It worked!" Aeza said, and bounced across the room to hug Gem. "We couldn't have done it without you!'

"Yeah! Thanks Gem!" G'rin said.

M'lian grinned. "I just can't wait to see J'lenn's face when he finds out his rescueris a female blue draogn. Trillie was awful confused yesterday..." Laughter followed.

"Ol' J'lenn is so hidebound..." T'gre whispered to Gem "he avoids the stunt dragons like the plague. He even avoids Maranni's Twengith if he's got the choice - and he arranged for her to go to Baeris' in the first place!"

Gem laughed. "Maybe he'll have a change of heart now?"

"We hope so!" the room chorused. Gem felt right at home.

* * *

Read about Gem's next caper here.

* * *

Gem Silverstar Dragonsbane impressed at Istabitha's Weyr

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