My name is Miza. That is pronounced Mee-Za. I hate it when people get my name wrong so say it right. I am 17 now and I am very happy with my job of Search rider for Azon Weyr. I ride an ice blue dragon named Hawk, no need to tell you how to pronounce that. I impressed Hawk at the healing den, were the master healer Baeris runs the show. I am glad to have Hawk but I haven’t always had him…I fact it took me quite and ordeal to get him…  “Miza. Honey wake up you have to do your chores.” I wiggled under the blankets not wanting to get up.

“Come on your dad is going to have a fit if you don’t do your chores.” My mother told me shaking me gently.

“No! Five more minutes please?” I said rolling over. She started to say something then stopped.

“Fine…If you want your dad mad…”

2 ½ hours later…   

“MIZA! I’VE BEEN WAITING!” I jumped to my feet and ran to the closet grabbing a black shirt and blue jeans, the same ones I wore yesterday. I sighed as I put them on as fast as I could listening to the pounding of feet running up the stairs. I grabbed a comb and attacked my medium brown hair. I heard banging on the door.

“Young Lady! I’m giving you until the count of five to open this door!” My father yelled. I though the comb down and dashed to the window, throwing it up and cluttering out of it. “4…5!” My father finished his voice fading out as I ran to the bar to milk daisy.    

“Heh, we sure showed him Daisy.” I said to her. “Thanks for not letting him milk you I owe you one.” I said grabbing an apple off the shelf next to the milking stool. I brushed her gently with my fingertips and looked down on the apple. It was small and dried up, the result from a bad harvest. I looked at old daisy, her once beautiful spotted hide not dim and course looking. “Poor old girl…” I said handing her the apple. I walked over to the silo to get some grain to feed our two horses Samson and Delilah. They were only colts and I could tell they would some day be fine horses. I shoveled the grain into their feeding bins and walked back to the house with the bucket of warm milk in my hand.   

“How many times have I told you? You need to do your chores before the sun rises other wise the whole day is screwed up!” Father yelled at me throwing the apple he was eating hard onto the floor.   

“Don’t you go off on me! I’m not the one who is too cheap to buy a decent bow to get some deer. No, you have to make us starve on bad apples the whole winter. Oh but, you had enough money to buy two new colts!” I snapped back at him.I watched his look of surprise turn into a mad twisted face of anger.   

“No one talks back to me, Miza. Now get out of this house you are not allowed here anymore. We should have never taken you in when we found you lying on the front porch covered in white riding leathers.” He said. By now, he was towering over me shaking his fists.    “At least I’m was good enough to be considered a dragon rider.” I said quietly. My 3 brothers who were watching the fight intently gasp. No one ever talks about dad’s bad reputation To his face. Hr glared at me a look of severe hatred in his eyes one I have never seen before. He took his hand back and brought it down hard across my face. I stumbled backward into one of my brothers.     
“Now get out of my house and take your belongings with you. They need not mess this place up anymore. No one never insults me and goes unpunished Miza, no go out! I don’t care if you die!” He yelled at me his face steaming red.I nonchalantly walked to my room and grabbed my belongings, a sliver cross that was around my neck when my “foster parents” found me, a couple of black shirts and a few pairs of black pants. All my parents ever let me wear was black. I even had black socks. The rest of my ‘belongings’ were a few griffon fangs I had found when I was young.    

“I’ll miss you Miza…” A voice said to me as I started don the long and winding rode leading into town. I whirled around and faced my youngest brother Amell. He was standing there in his way to large shirt and shorts with tears running down his cheeks.

“Oh Amell! I will come back for you don’t worry.” I said running back to him and embracing him in a hug. He was the kindest sibling I had, and I would come back for him.3 days later upon entering the town…
3days later...
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