“Do you have anything in blue maybe?” I asked the shopkeeper.

“I think so, let me go check.” He said and hurried off. I glanced around the store, nothing to spectacular, I had been in town before just not to get clothing. He hurried back holding and ice blue shirt. It was sleeveless and showed the wearer’s belly. It was an odd color and it felt like silk.  

“What is this made of?” I asked the shopkeeper. He grinned wide and looked at me. His eyes sparkled an odd slivery color.  

“Why that was made a hold in Alyskyr. They make the finest silk anyone can imagine, but never tell anyone how they do it. I’ve held onto this for quite awhile. It is medium priced and will go great with your eyes. I looked down onto the price tag, and it was not so medium priced. I searched my bag of belongings for my wallet and handed the man his money.   

“Thank you ma’am.” He glanced at the cross that was around my neck. “Dear, what is your name?” He asked with a look of suspicion in his eyes.    

“My name is Miza…” I said watching his face turn to a look of delight. He dashed outside, and almost knocked me over when he ran out. I stuck my head out the door and watched him run down the streets screaming. I followed him hoping to hear what he was saying, or maybe I did not know what else to do.    

“I found her!” He was yelling at people who turned to look at me holding the blue top and chasing after him. When he got to a tall built man, he yelled, “Summon the Sargon! I have found her!”      

The man gasped and looked at me. “Is that her?” He stuttered. He looked backwards and whistled. A giant brown dragon cam forth. “Is this girl the one?” He asked the dragon. It leaned down close to me and I backed away, tripping over something and falling to the ground. My sliver cross fell off my neck and clattered to the floor in front of me.    

I stood up and dusted my self off, picking up the cross with the snake entwined on it. Yes, this would be the girl she has the cross after all. I looked at the dragon, though never hearing dragon talk before but always hearing about how you hear it in your head I knew what is was.    

“What is going on if you don’t tell me I’m going to leave!” I shouted feeling my temper flare. I was about to go on but strong hands grabbed my shoulder, and lead me away. I tried to peel it off my it kept its grip. I looked back at the shocked faces of the dragon tall man and shopkeeper.    

“It’s okay. I’ll explain in a minute just stop digging your nails into my hand please.” The man who owned the hand said. I removed my nails from his hand without speaking. I wanted to turn and punch him so bad but I did not. There was something strange but soothing about this guy. We turned a corner and he led me to an abandoned alley. He let go off my shoulder and walked into its darkness. I saw he had black hair and was wearing a long black cloak over black baggy pants. I heard growling and hissing and he came back to me. “You may come in but watch were you sit he said.” I stuttered but did not respond. His eyes were so yellowy gold it was shocking. He had a nice face though and his hair fell down around his forehead in locks. He was tall and thin, much like my \self but you could see a hint of muscles ripple when he grabbed my arm and dug me in.  

I sat down on an upturned trashcan. The place stunk of rotten eggs. “Why must we talk in this filthy place? Who are you and what do you want of me? I’m just a plain farm girl.” I said rolling my eyes at his cocky grin at the word farm girl.  

This is the only place private enough. A voice rumbled in my head. A giant black and bronze dragon walked from behind the man to show his face of annoyance. It curled it is self around the place where he sat and rumbled at me. I do not trust her. She is too cocky like you.  He rolled his great blue eyes. Moreover, she smells of horses. 

“Oh shut-up Bolton, it is good to be cocky.” The man said smiling. “We can’t do anything about the smell though.” He said turning to me. I felt my temper flare to a dangerous level. First, he takes me away from those people then he insults me! How rude.  

I looked down at the blue shirt I was still holding. I glared at him. “How the hell do you think you can do this? First, you take me out of the town it took me 3 weeks to get to. Then you insult me! But worst of all…” I paused and looked down at the ripped strap of my blue shirt.

“You tore my shirt…”I whined.   “I am Sargon Weyleader of Azon. I am sorry about your shirt but we can have that fixed there is important business to attend to. Come you must understand who you are.” He said clambering onto Bolton’s back and gesturing for me to follow. Bolton snorted and outstretched his wings.
later on that day...
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