Peara Siyaal
Peara Siyaal
::With the death of our Great Mother, has come the death of our traditions... as a rootless people, what obligation do we have? We are but shadows now and bound to act as shadows do.::

Full Name: Peara Siyaal
Name History: Given Name: Peara (PAIR-ah) derived from her father's name Earaa
Family Name: Siyaal (SEE-all), her mother's family name
Gender: Female
Species: Drewlsi'Sre
Homeworld: Quilak
Origin: None
Residence: Te'Soori Le
Birth Date: Unknown: Young Adult
Height: 4.1 Meters (13.5 Feet)
Religion: None
Languages: Sedashizozet, Drewlsi
Class: Te'Soori Le Council Member, Drewlsi'Sre Shaman
Natural Abilities: Telepathy, Verbal Speech, Fire (Creation, Control, Summoning), Energy Manipulation
Learned Abilities: Drewlsi'Sre Magic
Description: Peara is a typical Drewlsi'Sre as far as looks go. Her canine face is centered by her bright yellow eyes and crowned by a pair of short grey horns. Her long ears are pierced several times and hung with light silver rings and bulbs. Her fur is a brownish red, marked by stripes of a darker brown centered with white. Her belly is a dull tan color. Peara is a harsh looking creature, stocky, powerful, and usually stoic. It's not often that one finds her with a smile on her predatory face.
Personality: Peara has always been a solemn creature, long before her people were displaced from their homeworld. She takes her work very seriously, and she can handle little less than perfection from herself.

Trained as a shaman, Peara has a very deep belief in the mother spirit of Quilak and it has become a somewhat defining quality now that her people are without their world. Peara has taken her place as a leader of what remains of her species, and though she remains outspoken, she is the voice of the Drewlsi'Sre relgion. Peara believes that without Quilak the Drewlsi'Sre are doomed to fall. Though she has proven herself a valuable council member, she has continued to suggest that the Drewlsi'Sre work towards preserving their blood, and this persistence has caused some doubts to be raised about her. In a world that appears to no longer need her services, and doesn't desire to listen to her words, Peara is a strong character. She is not dismayed by her people's ignoring of her, and she is willing to do whatever she needs to in order to accomplish her goals.

Peara has no true moral thoughts; she appears to believe in neither good nor evil, and while she may do things that seem to fit into one category or the other, one can rest assured that she does not identify with either.

This Drewlsi'Sre can be a dangerous creature, and it is hard to judge her reasons for doing what she does.

History: Peara was spotted as a potential shaman as soon as she was born, and almost as quickly she was taken from her mother to be taught the ancient ways of the Drewlsi'Sre magic. She was a fast learner and very skilled. She made a name for herself as a healer and councilor early on in her life, and this respect proved very useful to her when the Federation saved her people from their dying world. Young though she was, Peara was voted onto the Drewlsi'Sre council and despite her somewhat controversial ideas has kept her position for several terms.

A recent discovery of the Nexus has led Peara to become involved with some more powerful magic than she is used to, and her recent interest in the world of dragons is somewhat troubling.

Original Stats: None

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Art By Aireona Bonnie Raschke

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Bond: Tlonaka Caelumpictor

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