Osorlladu Kaal
Osorlladu Kaal
::Think what you will, but not all shadows are what they seem.::

Full Name: Osorlladu Kaal
Name History: Given Name: Osorlladu
Family Name: Kaal (CAHL) from his father's family name
Gender: Male
Species: Nexus Dragon Mutt (1/2 Phlegethon Beast, 1/4 Whorling)
Homeworld: None
Origin: The Black, White, and Red Giveaway: Generation 15R
Residence: Te'Soori Le
Birth Date: 26 ADW
Height: 4 Meters (13 Feet)
Religion: Unknown
Languages: Sedashizozet, Drewlsi, Common
Class: Drewlsi'Sre Shaman Apprentice
Natural Abilities: Fire Magic, Charm Magic, Fire Manipulation, Fire Immunity
Learned Abilities: Drewlsi'Sre Magics
Description: Despite his being several generations away from being full blooded Drewlsi'Sre, Peara Siyaal finds Osarllado very much like the male Drewlsi'Sre that she is used to. He has the same short, canine face and still sports the scaled sensory organ along the bridge of his nose, and the long ears that most Drewlsi'Sre have. Osorllado also has a long pair of grey horns, and though they are the smooth horns of his Phlegethon mother, they do curve quite like Drewlsi'Sre male's horns do. Osorllado also has a similar coloration to Drewlsi'Sre males, as he is a bright yellow, with black dappling running down his back and black sock markings. Very unlike any Drewlsi'Sre, however, Osorllado has a line of fire along his spine, as well as around his wrists, and glowing plates at his shoulders and floating around his neck from his Hathian and Phlegethon heritage respectively.
Personality: Though his close relationship with Peara would suggest otherwise, Osorllado is a purely good-hearted creature. He is always willing to help, and tends to spend a good amount of his free time doing what good he can. He hates to see anyone in need, and is very sensitive to the feelings of others. Probably because of this, Osorllado is a soft-spoken dragon, and he generally avoids conflict when he can.

He is honest however, and, when he needs to be, firm. Osorllado may be a softy for the most part, but he is no push-over... he couldn't be, not having been raised by Peara. He is more than willing to stand up for what he believes in, and fight when he is forced. Though, as a rule, Osorllado is peaceful.

As far as Peara and Osorllado go, he cares about his adopted mother deeply, and while he doesn't always agree with her methods, he does believe that it would be worth some of the effort to try and make sure that at least some of the Drewlsi'Sre blood continues to exist. Unlike Peara, however, Osorllado sees the effort as being more of a back-up plan than anything else... because as far as he can tell, the Drewlsi'Sre are doing well enough with the Federation.

History: In more than a few ways, Osorllado's early life was quite like that of his adopted mother. As soon as he was old enough to leave his parents, he was given to Peara and upon his arrival at Te'Soori Le he was made Peara's apprentice. Osorllado was a bit slower to take up the workings of the Drewlsi'Sre's magic, being only partially of the species, and more than that, not entirely agreeing with his mentor much of the time.

Peara and Osorllado had and still have a somewhat shaky relationship because of their disagreements, but for the most part they made a good pair, and eventually Osorllado became skilled in the use of the magic that Peara was teaching him. His relationship with other Drewlsi'Sre was more comfortable, and Osorllado had no trouble fitting in with the species.

Currently, though he is still a fairly young adult, Osorllado is a well respected member of the Drewlsi'Sre society, and an even more skilled member of the Federation. While Peara is working towards preserving her people's blood, Osorllado is working towards making them more of a part of the intergalactic community.

Original Stats: Name: Osorlladu Kaal
Gender: Male
Breed: Phlegethon Beast/Whorling/Drewlsi'Sre/Hathian Hybrid
Colour: Pale Orange (With Grey Varnish and Black Boots)
Size: Medium (13' tall, 39' long)
Abilities: Fire Magic, Charm Magic, Fire Manipulation, Fire Immunity
Basic Personality: Philanthropic, Pure-Minded
Requires a Bond?: No

Caretaker: Peara Siyil
Species: Drewlsi'Sre
Gender: Female
Notes: None
Owner: Aireona

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Art By Dracothrope

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Caretaker: Peara Siyaal
Bond: None

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Mate Males Females

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