Ballari's Pre-Bonding Story

::Are you worried about it, Ballari? Worried about bonding?:: Farisanth was the most adorable thing when she wanted to be, and if anything, despite her constant questioning, the little Blood Court only encouraged Ballari to bond. The Whorling couldn’t imagine regretting such a connection as Farisanth and Quynh had. Appart, both dragons were rather weak characters, though Ballari quite liked them both; together they were something stronger, they were happier. Ballari couldn’t see how such a friendship could be frightening or wrong. She might have laughed at Farisanth for her silly little question, but Ballari reminded herself that this young little dragon had never lived without a bond… and she was such a shy little thing, she had probably been terrified when she was asked to choose her bond so soon after hatching, though that was dragon tradition.

“I am not really worried,” Ballari answered. “I have been waiting for this for a long time… I think that most of us have.”

::Do all Jhiirsaiians bond?:: Ballari loved Farisanth’s innocent curiosity, and she enjoyed indulging the little dragon’s imagination… especially since her Isiene bond didn’t do such a good job with that sort of thing.

“No,” Ballari smiled. “But a lot do… bonding is a kind of step into adulthood for some, but for me… I don’t know, I just feel like I could use the sort of friendship that you and Quynh have.” Farisanth tucked her little paws up under her chest, and seemed to want to settle down to consider this. How strange it must be, thought Ballari, to never really have had your mind simply to yourself.

::What if the hatchling that chooses you is the wrong one, Ballari?:: Ballari felt like laughing again, but the doubt shining in Farisanth’s eyes stopped her. The Whorling considered the little dragon quietly for sometime, trying to think of the best way to answer the question that had just been asked her… a question that had obviously been eating away at Farisanth from within her own little world.

“No matter who chooses me,” Ballari began. “There will be problems, no one is perfect, but I have to trust that despite that my bond will be the right one for me. That is always how it has been done.”

::But… there are some who have been disappointed in their bonds?:: Farisanth asked, her bright eyes staring right into Ballari’s own.

“Well, I guess that that depends on what you go into it expecting...”

::Are there wrong things to expect from a bond?::

“I suppose so…” Ballari found that she had allowed her smile to weaken some and she renewed it with thoughts of what might be waiting for her in her future… the bonding, the hatchlings… family. It was the dream of many Jhiirsaiians, most of whom treasured family more than most things, and Ballari found herself thinking that she was certainly like most Jhiirsaiians even though her bloodline did not run deep in the world’s soil. “But I am not going to let that be me, Farisanth…”

Ballari, too energetic to talk any longer, flipped the hatchling onto her back and with a mighty laugh began to tickle the purple dragonet. The worry that had been edging Farisanth’s thoughts dissipated as she dodged the Whorling’s playful claws.

::Hey!:: Farisanth screeched gleefully as she got to her feet. And Ballari could hardly breath she was laughing so hard, when Farisanth pounced on her. The Whorling could already see that the hatchling would grow to be a skilled protector… she was fast and smart even in play.

“Sorry to interrupt your little female bonding ceremony,” Ballari and Farisanth stopped just as soon as this new voice broke in on their play fight. Talz’rai Chxalli stared in at the two of them, his cool wolfish face split with a devious grin. “But we just docked at Star City, and I think it would be best if you went out and got all squared away with the clutch you want to bond with, Ballari.” Talz’rai shot Ballari a particularly burning look and then slipped back into the dark of the hallway, his purple glowies bobbing away as he trotted off.

Farisanth and Ballari glanced at each other and then broke out laughing again.

“I think he is right,” Ballari managed after a short while.

::You wouldn’t want to miss your clutch!:: Farisanth squeaked sweetly at Ballari. The Whorling couldn’t help but feel cheered by the little dragon’s company. Farisanth, whether she knew it or not, had been Ballari’s final inspiration to bond. Adulthood had brought motherly instincts to bear on Ballari, but Farisanth had made her realize that she wanted more than just a cute baby dragon to take care of… Ballari wanted the love and understanding that only a bond could share with her… the close kind of relationship that Farisanth and Quynh had together.

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