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It's about time for something special. Baeris tapped her finger on the desk before her and looked over a variety of calendars and time-telling devices from around the Protectorate. One of them said it was Fall, and time to have a harvest gather. She shook her head, and grunted, "too normal." Another dropped water down a little runnel and flipped numbers, slowly, and told her that it was no longer the year of the Tiger. Whatever that meant. Then her eyes drifted over a little square at the end of a month known for its spookiness.

"Yesssss.... that's it." She said, grinning. Blue Striker on his perch above his mistress' head woke up at her mental call. "It's time to work for your living, you big blue brute." She attached a little letter to Striker's leg, and told him to reach Weyrwoman Tiyanni.

"She's having a beautiful time getting sign-ups for her bright Winter Gather flurry. And as if I don't have enough things to do, here, it's about time to stir things up. A hallows eve flight."

Balancing light with dark, day with night. If Ryslen was going to keep sending great candidates and flight-worthy dragons to the Healing Den, and vice versa (which was true), they might just as well have complimentary flights. And besides, so many dark-dragons were rumbling that they were being left out at Ryslen.

"Aww, wah," Baeris snickered. "As if you can't compete anywhere else..." But she knew differently too: this Halloween flight would be more than just finding the best mates for the girls and boys... It would be changing their offspring a bit. Something sinister in the air told her that the dragons hatching from this particular flight would not only be dark, but spooky and might have interesting new mutations.

Who could tell? There were already dragons with horns, spines and the like. What about other things? They'd just have to wait and see.

Already, she knew there was a host of Protectorate dragons, Ryslen, and other folks had uniquely colored dragons to send. She'd have to clear out the spare hatching grounds again...
Flight list below. Candidate Information, flitters specially made, stuff to collect, all  HERE at the Halloween Gather Grounds!
Healing Den Halloween Hatching 2001 flight frenzy sign up sheet!

Dragons may be male or female, and ridden by anyone -- just no click and take dragons is the main rule.

Dragons MUST have a dark coloration -- black, dark-color, mixed with black, browns which are colored darkly, blues similar, and odd colors that aren't listed. Also, "halloween" theme dragons (orange, black, striped, ones with symbols on them, etc) are welcome.

Adult stage must be up on page.

To sign up please
send Baeris a flit with...
Your Name/ID
Your Email
Your Dragon's name, color, where impressed, and rider info (include preferences for mate if any, and for partner for rider if any)

FLIGHT LIST WILL BE FILLED ON OCTOBER 8th. I swear to all the gods of the internet that after that point the flight will be run. After that, the clutch will be announced. PLEASE get candidates ready in advance, and expect to have some VERY unusual appearances, colors and markings, as well as some more normal dragons for those few more normal candidates. I will run as many eggs as needed, since this is a Frenzy after all. CANDIDATES will be taken until October 25th or so. THEN, I'll have time to do the hatching. Try not to have any late comers to this event... Hopefully on Halloween the hatching will go out!

NOTICE... I will be on VACATION from October 15th to October 21st. I will NOT be able to fix ANY web pages during that time, but I will probably have email and club access. I won't rush anything, but please get candidates ready by the 25th.
-- IF I DON'T HAVE YOUR LINK, Don't worry, it'll be up eventually. People know where to look anyway lol!

Dragon                   Ridden By                       Impressed At

Protectorate pix and story here) * (and here) *2
Ryslen pix and story here) **

Oil/Gold (f) Noisenth   Azalea                       Healing Den

Purple (f) Julanith   Oni Ailea                         Sapphire*
Violet Blue (m) Adherath   Menari (f)            Healing Den
Violet-Blue (m) Vladmirth    Ead                     Healing Den -- need url

Crimson (f) Diamis     Yasha                          Tris'hath HYDRA

Night-Green Blith    Tabitha                           Ryslen *
Night-Green Auspexeth   Minaeya                 Ryslen**
Oilslick Green Twengith   Maranni                 Healing Den Swim **
Night-Green Serrith     A'und (m)                   Ryslen
Teal-Black Buszketh    Lithya (view dragon)  Healing Den
Night-Green Roczath    Anel'hin (m)               Ryslen

Blue-Green (m) Yintenth  Leoca (f)               Healing Den Swim
Midnight Blue Vaoth    S'tel                           Healing Den First Clutch *2
Black Blue Dracoth     T'lor                            Healing Den
Blue Black Merlinth      M'lor                          Healing Den
Teal-Black Blue (m) Jishinth    Saell (f)          Healing Den

Black (m) Minath      Beena (f)                       White River *
Black (m) Faloritoth  Sab're (m)                    Sapphire *
(Black m Death)
Black (f) Neres Storm Tresis (m)                   Glenn!
Black (f) Flux               Polana                       Sawney

Night-Bronze Zkoth   Ivo                                 Ryslen *
Orange-Bronze Beilyaoth   S'io                      Tiamat **
Copper Yarpath        (Sethos, Abandoned)    Healing Den *2

Night-Brown Zujirth   Avery (f)                         Ryslen *
Brown Tusath          Cristroga (f)                   Sapphire
Red-Brown-Black Dhumdhuanath M*jora       Healing Den
Red-Brown Marked Bazuk   Moonshadow      Healing Den
Charcoal-Brown Doroboth    A'diar                Healing Den
Black Brown Dharnath         R'tek                  Healing Den
Night-Brown Tironath        Tawny (f)              Ryslen

Special (
blue f metallic) Tsuyoith    Zephyr         Navi*

Orange (f) Golonith
     R'tif (m)                      Sapphire
Orange (m) Moeomth    Z'rin                           Healing Den Swimmer**
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