Saell...she was, not a usual girl. Growing up normally, living a normal life, and having normal friends hasn't changed anything about her. She doesn't have any 'strange' powers, and she does not have a 'strange' past. But something about her makes her... weird. Different, from other girls. And even other boys.

"Now lets see, if you can beat that my man."
Saell announced with thriumph as she threw down two pairs.

"I already did sugar. Look at my cards, and look at yours."
Looking down at her, he put down a full house, and leaned back.
"Now come on honey bug, and give your winner, a kiss on the cheek."

"I kiss no body, until I want you, you understad that?"
She turned to her friends, and got up.
"We're leaving."

Saell had very black skin, with straight black hair down to her jaw, in tiny braids. Her eyes were a hazel green, her face small and stubborn. She wore high heeled black sandels, a short leather skirt, with a red top that looked more like a bodice. As Saell reached for her black jacket, she watched as a tall, very good looking man take it away from her.

"Whats a good looking girl like you doing in a club like this?"

Saell looked at him, and raised an eyebrow.
"Little boy, I ain't just a good looking girl. I'm daddys little girl."
She looked back at the man that was sitting down, who had two women on each lap.
"Ain't that right daddy?"

"It sure is sugar."

"Still, isn't this place a little old for you?"

"Old? OLD?!"
Saell moved forwards and looked up at the man with cold green eyes.
"Do you know who you are even talking to old man?"

The man grinned, unaffected.
"I don't think I introduced myself well enough."

"Well enough?"
She looked up at him with a aloof look in her eyes.
"You didn't introduce yourself at all big boy."

"My name is Ep'son, rider of bronze-white Jaluth."
He put a emphesis on the words, bronze white.
"And may I have the pleasure of knowing your name?"

Saell looked at him, with laughter in her eyes.
"You know what, I like you."

"Thank you."
He replied smoothly.

"My name is Saell, daughter of the owner of this 'club' as you call it."
She smiled, and it took the hard edge out of her words.
"Come, I'll get you something to drink, tell me if the outside world as bad as they say?"

Confused at what her words meant, he followed her into a back door, where two mean looking men were standing. Recognizing her, they moved aside. The kitchen was bright and... innocent looking. Different from the rest of the hazy, smokey house. The house of very suggestive giggles and laughs, where objects of value were exchanged every game of cards.

"Sit down, I'll get you something to drink. Your not hungry are you?"

Ep'son grinned, wondering how much someone could change. From that bold, sassy woman outside, to the cheerful laughing girl inside. As she threw him two mugs, he caught it wil fast reflexes. Looking back, she grinned.

"Nice catch."

She brought over a pitcher of something to drink, and some biscuits. Setting them down, she poured for both of them, and turned the chair around, to sit while leaning forwards on the back of the chair.

"SO, what brings you here?"
She asked.

"What did you mean about, is the world as bad as they say?"
He asked back.

Saell stared at him for awhile, and stood up to turn the chair again. Leaning forwards, she sipped on her drink and bit into a biscuit. Chewing thoughfully, she replied.
"You answer one of my questions, and I'll answer one of yours. Deal?"

Watching her, he all but saw her defense walls climb up, as her face turned wary and almost aloof. He smiled inside, how many faces did this one girl hold?
"Just recently, there has been a flight. You know, a dragons flight."

Saell looked at him, confused.
"Dragons flight? Ofcourse they fly."

He stared at her, did she really know so little? So he explained about Weyrs, Flights, Clutches, Thread, everything that came into his mind. And she just watched him, eager for the information like a lost canine pup was for a home. She watched him with child-like delight, gathering all the information like a hungry sponge gathers water.
As he stopped talking about history, a tall, pale blonde woman came in.

"Hey Saell, you have some time for me baby?"

"Can't you see I'm entertaining a guest her Extana? Come back later when you'll be welcomed."

The blonde woman glanced at Ep'son, and set him a look that made him blush and fidget. Smiling at Saell, she walked outside.
"Now, continue?"

As he opened his mouth, she held a finger to his lips.

"I'll answer that question later, now continue?"

Ep'son nodded.
"Well, I impressed a dragon Turns back."

"Bronze-white Jaluth"

"And he participated in a flight frenzy. I believe I told you about on?"

"When more then one female is participating at the same time."

He grinned. She remembered everything he had told her, word for word.
"Anyway, there is a clutch with eggs in it, and I'm here searching for candidates. A clutch from a frenzy, or even on a stunt flight with abnormal dragons in color, or anyway, requires candidates that are unusual in any way. It can be the smallest thing to something quite serious. And good candidates do appear at strange places."

Saell grinned.
"I wish I could see those creatures once. They sound so amazing... and you are a rider of one... wow."
Saell chewed thoughtfully on a biscuit, and started to talk slowly.
"I'll tell you what I meant, when I said tell me if the outside world as bad as they say. But I have to tell you my whole history then.
My birth. My fathers grandfather built this place, intending it to be a local inn. But as time went by, it turned from a local inn where everyone can enter, to a place like this. One where no kids should come."
She winked.
"But they do. Anway, one day, a woman entered this club, and my dad fell in love with her, etc. They are not married, but they are in a way, if you believe in all that soulmate stuff. I am their only kid, an that was very lucky. My mom had to have those organs taken out, because something went wrong at my birth. Nothing would have gone wrong if that stupid woman had washed her hands... but lets keep track of the story, shall we?
I've never left these grounds ever. I don't know why or anything. When I was a baby, I hung out here, and I learnt to play poker when I learnt to use my brains. I have alot of friends, although their not the kind of people an average mother would like her daughter to hang out with.
I never really did want to leave this place. For some reason, everyone is forbidden to talk about the outside world. I asked dad once, and he said that if I went outside, I would loose the real me, and become a annoying virtue saving saint like everyone else. So you are the first person to actually /talk/ to me. You know?
That woman you saw, was my mother. I never grew up in a 'you have to be polite to your elders'. YOu've gotta do what you've gotta do right? I don't live here in this club. Theres a small building at the back. Thats where the rooms are. And they have a indoor room with a garden kind of thing."

Ep'son stared at her for awhile, and asked.
"You said you wanted to see the dragons, are you alot of leave this place?"

Saell nodded.
"I'm 18, and a adult by my parents standards. I'm allowed to do what I want, when I want, and how I want. They just really discourage me form leaving. Why?"

"Why don't you come with me to see the dragons? Jaluth is just outside, but if we can take you to the Weyr, we can show you so many dragons..."

His voice was smooth, and it sounded so tempting. She leaned back on her chair and rocked back and forwards thoughtfully. She WAS allowed to go. And Ep'son made them sound so amazing.... getting up, Saell nodded.

"Wait for me to get my coat, okay?"

She walked outside, and saw the looks the men gave her. She grinned at them, but wondered what it would be like, to not get looks. She liked them enough, she felt good about herself when she got the admiring looks. And everyone knew they could touch her. She was the daughter of this place. As she reached for her coat, she watched her father look at her worridly.

"I'm going out."

That made everyone still.

"Where, exactly?"

"To a Weyr."
She replied, offhandly.

Grinning at her father, she walked off before another word could be said. Ep'son followed her, and as she stepped outside, she blinked furiously at the light. Where ever she walked, women gave her disapproving glances, people her age gave her not so nice glances, the man gave her lewd glances, and all in all, she wondered why.
"Is there something wrong with the way I dress? Why are all those people wearing all that clothes? Do I have something on my face?"

Ep'son shook his head. She seemed so confused... so worried. Just like a hatchling just hatched. But he didn't know how to tell her, that her clothes were immodest.
They reached Jaluth, who was stretching his wings in a field, gathering admirers. He spotted his rider coming towards him, and seemed to chuckle as he noticed Saell.

Who are you? And why are you dressed like that?

Saell glanced ta Ep'son in amazement.
"You talked to me! Your dragon actually talks to me!"
Then, she remembered the question. About her dressing, and her gaurds went up.
"My name is Saell."
She answered cooly. Who was he to critisize her?!
"And is there something wrong with being proud of your body?"

She has something to be proud off. Slim, and toned, she moved with ease and had a hourglass shape. Around a 86-70-84. As she looked up at the bronze-white, she watched his eyes shift colors, and was mesmerized.

"Jaluth, be nice, and set a good example for her. You are the first dragon she's seen in her life."

I'm sorry... He apoligized grudgingly. And what do you mean, first dragon? Your old enough to have seen many!

Sighing, Ep'son sent him a 'I'll tell you the whole story later' look. And helped Saell onto his back. As they went between, Saell thought she had died. But she was mesmerized by the feeling of... cold and... nothing. As she blinked into the Healing Den, she looked in awe at the many dragons. This place looked so peaceful and... perfect.

"Welcome to the Healing Den."
Ep'son announced.

As they landed, Ep'son helped her off, and asked.
"What do you want to do first?"

"I want to see the females that participated in the flight frenzy as you call it. Twice and three times?! I want to see if their normal dragons."

Ep'son chuckled.
"Ofcourse their normal dragons."

Saell blushed, but Ep'son didn't say anything. As she was led to the sands, she looked in awe at the eggs, the females, and the eggs. Meanwhile, Ep'son recieved curious looks from a few of the female riders. So he told them about her history.

"Ep'son, I don't care about her history. Tell me about her"

Taking a bretah in, Ep'son started.
"She's got many faces. Saell gets insulted very easily, and at first, I thought she was a sassy, bold woman. But then she revealed a different side. A feminene, soft side and a curious child-like side that seemed so... unaware of everything. She's very... different. She doesn't know why people stare at her so strangely, and she suits her looks in a way. She's blunt, and opens up easily to the people she likes. She's unique in a way that she has such a strange history. Never seeing dragons? We must have overpopulated Pern by now!
And something about her, that child-like delight she took in Jaluth, then turning cold... it makes her seem so vulnerable..."

Saell stared at the dragons, so many colors, so.. different. She turned to the women, who were gazing at her strangly. She hardened up.
"Am I displeasing any of you?"
She asked, in a mocking voice.

Then one woman seperated herself from the rest. She had dark skin, like her. And long, straight black hair... like her.
"My name is Baeris. Some people call me the Weyrwoman of this place. Its called the Healing Den. Ep'son told us alot about you."

Saell stood up, and looked at the woman in the eye.
"I'm not sure I like you. But you sound nice."

People chuckled, and she glanced at them with an cold look. Why were they laughing? Had she said something wrong?

"Saell, do you like dragons?"
One of the ladies asked.

Saell nodded.
"I've only been around them today. But their so... so... well, big, and captivating. And their eyes. You could get lost in them."

The women chuckled, and seemed to nod among themselves.
"Saell, would you like to be a candidate for our clutch?"

Saell watched them, wary.
"Do I have to give something in return?"
Life was usually like that.

"Only your love and attention to your dragon if you manage to impress."

Saell smiled wistfully.
"Count me in!"

She turned to Ep'son and gave him a hug.
"Thank you for taking my jacket away from me."
Realising how stupid that sounded, she moved back and gave him a wry grin.

[Healing Den] [Canycane Win Design]

Saell has impressed dark blue/teal Jishinth!

Hatchling, Weyrling, and Adult all in one.

"Jin! How many times do I have to tell you?! YOU are not suppose to have a ego so big you think you can fly by jumping off every single height we come across! And no, it doesn't count that you can walk like me!"
Saell bellowed. Second day of being a rider, and they were on each others nerves. For now.

It doesn't help that my rider wears clothes that reveal all of her flesh, and we get in trouble when the others don't concentrate! If you stopped wearing clothes like that, we would get somewhere in life!
First Turn of being a rider, and they were very edgy.

"I love my clothes! At least we have a reason to win first prize with the most dumb dragon who doesn't listen when his rider says to stop stopping whenever something red appears!"
Second turn of being a rider. Neither of them have changed,

It would be a miracle, if you stopped showing off infront of all the males! Its suppose to be my job with the females, not you! And stop eyeing that man! He's older then you by so many years! And all of the men ride male dragons, and you ride one as well, which crosses out mating flights, and people are too scared to ask you to be a stand in!

Three Turns of fighting created big lungs for both human and dragon, and gave each other reasons to be together. People were very wary when they saw them together, but even with their edginess, they were the best of friends, and worked very well together.


Saell turned, and grinned at the tall man who walked in.
She smiled warmly.
"You haven't changed one bit."

He grinned.
"I can't say the same thing about you."

Saell's hair was still braided, but it was mid-back length long, and she had grown... more womanly. She had grown up. But alone with that, Saell had gotten a very patient and loving personality. As long as a certain dragon wasn't near by, testing her.

"I'd take that as a compliment.."
She purred.

Saell! Stop flirting and come with me! We're suppose to be on the move remember! We are suppose to be going to visit your parents!

Saell rolled her eyes, and grinned at Ep'son, before walked off to where her large blue was waiting. He wasn't very big, but he wasn't small. Jan just looked bigger then the other blues because he was standing. And that wasn't all a lie.
Saell had never given up her choiced of clothes. Even when warned about the cold, she had kept her skirts and tops. SHe had made them of fur, and thicker, but the style was still very Saell.
Today, she was wearing a dark red mini skirt, with thigh high black boots with chunky heals, and a tiny black bikini top. She wore a jacket of maroon leather, with large hoops in her ears, and a chain around her bare wiast.

"Dad! Mom!"
She yelled, as she landed at the familiar looking place.
"Long time no see!"

What continued on after was a family riunion, and a very studious Saell, who was learning the play poker again.

Cross Gender Flight.

Saell..... The voice asked silkily.

Saell stilled, and groaned.
Why do I think your going to ask me something I might not like?

Your very smart Saell. Saell, its been a long time since I was impressed by you, and I've never complained once. As if Alright, lets cut the chase. Saell? I want to chase. I want to chase. I WANT TO CHASE!

Saell turned to where Jin was throwing a very human like tantrum.
"But Jin, I don't want to bother finding a replacement kind of thing if you do manage to catch a female, and I'm sorry, but I'm pure straight, and I won't even bend my straightness."

I've got everything figured out. Jin said smugly. Back at the Healing Den, they'll be having a cross gender flight, so if I catch, you won't have to worry about a female rider!

Saell arched an eyebrow. And you think you'll be able to catch?

Did I tell you, it was a frenzy?

White Mulgoith


"I know that tone of voice. No."

But it's been such a long time since you've been to Pern The tall, rather stunning teal blue dragon stalked the ledge, fanning his wings ever so slightly in a proud display of testosterone.

"Exactly." with that the tall slender dark skinned woman tossed back dark hair that was still tied in those little miniature little braids. Her green hazel eyes flashed slightly, stubbornly... and yet there was that gleam in them that only a Saell could achieve. Dressed in a pair of low hip huggers that appeared to have been thrown into one of those angry machines, the tattered pale brown streaks seemed to cling to shapely dark legs. A narrow waist was accentuated by a silver band and her top covered by one of those tops that seemed to be nothing. "Male or female?"

Female rider. I've heard of her, she bonded here, remember? Striking woman with a lovely white...white... two contenders already, you wouldn't want me to miss out, would you?

"Female?" her voice sounded slightly apphrensive. "I won't have to..."

Only if you want to, my rider...

She grinned. One of those cheeky grins. "Lets go check her out."


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