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4th of July firelizard ©Xalia Demarin
(This flitter is copyright ©Xalia Demarin, Weyrwoman of Tripaldi Weyr. It 'tis a Fourth of July flitter, yuppers. ^_^ If you want one like it, contact her at: and ask her.)

      We are sorry to inform you that Sidra Weyr is now closed! But you can still check out a few things, like the old records and read the flight stories and hatchings and check out who impressed who in what year. You can also go to the Message Board (Meeting Hall) . The Sidra Weyr Images have also been given out, as have all the images of my other weyrs/caer/and castle.

Sidra Weyr's List Places to Go

Visit Veloche Beasthold

Go to the Records Room

Go see the Credits

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