A. Groups And Contacts
B. Publications, Info, Book shops, Distributors
C. Blogs And Discussion Groups







A. Groups And Contacts

ATLANTIC ANARCHIST CIRCLE may be inactive BUT contains links to active groups.

Anarchist University Toronto. . e-mail

Anarchitecture. Home page of David Steen. In English and Hebrew.

Anti-Capitalist Community Action. Ottawa based activist group. Web site at ; Email at . Phone # 613-237-0730 Ext. 3. Subcommittees : education committee , communications committee , squat committee , copwatch committee

Anti-Capitalist Ass Pirates/Ass-pirateurs. Gay anarchist organization in Montreal. Hold a party and get together once a month, usually on the 1st or 2nd Tuesday at the Pasalymany bar in Montreal. Web site: . Phone # 514-920-7448. Mailing list at

Autonomy and Solidarity. Libertarian socialists e-mail . Phone #416-576-1921. Groups in Toronto and Sudbury.

Bete Noire anarcho-communist c/o C.P. St.-Andre, B.P. 32018 Montreal, Quebec, H2L 4Y5,

The Big Idea: "Vision for an Economy Based on Co-operatives". Site dedicated to a cooperative economy with links to many producer cooperative and consumer cooperative sites and contacts. Web site at . Email at , ; or

Catholic Worker Movementreligious anarcho-pacifists

a)Benedict Labre House 308 Young St. Montreal PQ H3C 2G2

b)Zacchaeus House 5 Close Ave. Toronto ON M6K 2V2

c)Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Worker 576 Westvale Drive Waterloo ON N2T 1K4

d)Peterborough Catholic Worker 197 Hunter St. West- #29 Peterborough, ON K9H 2L1

e)Samaritan House 1143 East Pender St. Vancouver, BC V6A 1W6 Phone#604-255-1555. Web site Vancouver Catholic Worker: . e-mail contacts: , Sister Victoria Marie , Sarah Bjorknas

f)Thomas Merton House 53 Merton St. Ottawa, ON K1V 1V6

Dragonfly Farm mailing address is Lake St. Peter, Ont. K0L 2K0. article about Dragonfly for Kick It Over available to anyone who asks by email from .

Earth First! BC - No compromise in defense of Mother Earth. Anarchist eco-radicals. Green Monkey - Weekly radio program, voices from Earth First, Animal Liberation front, and Earth Liberation Front. Anarchist eco-radicals.

Edmonton Anarchist Free School. Outgrowth of the Edmonton Anarchist Reading Circle. Address 9715 - 105th St., Edmonton AB T5K 1A1. Meets every week on Sunday, 4:00PM at University of Alberta, Fine Arts Bldg, 1st Floor Lounge. Contact Allan Antliff at either 780-430-9082 or Web site at

Edmonton Anarchist Reading Circle. Meets on Sundays in the basement lounge of the Fine arts Building at the U. of A. at about 4:00 PM. Contact Coreen at email or phone Alex at 780-432-4528

Les Entartistes. "membres de l'Internationale des Anarchos-Patissieres". Web site a . Email a . Quebecois "pie activistes". Site en francais

Emma Goldman Grassroots Centre/Old Market Autonomous Zone 91 Albert St., Winnipeg MB R3B 1G5, e-mail , or

Emile-Henri anarcho-communist group

International Anarchist Meetup: Project for anarchists to meet socially worldwide in various cities. Many Canadian sites listed. Contact at Meetings to be on the fourth Monday of every month.

International Parecon Meetup Day. meetings on participatory economics, second Wednesday of every month in numerous cities worldwide. Many Canadian cities listed.

Iranian anarchists E mail

Keeping Time. Radical History of Vancouver.

Libreterre (ecology group). web site: mailing list: or

Libertarian Communists-Workers' Power. Edmonton based left communist/anarchist study group. Contact at

Limp Fist. Toronto based gay antiauthoritarian group.

Montreal Anarchist Black Cross Federation. . Email . Box 42053, Succ. Jeane Mance, Montreal QC, H2W 2T3. Also publishers of "4strugglemag". Print version at ABCF mailing address. Online version at . Email at



'Les Va-nu-pieds". NEFAC section in St. Georges, Quebec. E-contact at .

'L'Accolade'. NEFAC section in Sherbrooke, Quebec. E-contact at


OAT Collective. An ISP and MORE..."not just an Internet service provider per se, but rather a political project that is focused on teaching people to serve themselves".

Pantheres Roses/Pink Panthers. Montreal based gay anarchist group. Web site

Parti-Hardcore. Ottawa area anarchist Website. . Email to

Punching Out anarcho-communist group - box 79538 1995 Weston Rd. Toronto, Ontario, M9M 3W9

Le Réseau Anarchiste en Milieu Étudiant (RAME)

The ROAD Network

ROAD - Ontario-based anarchist collective. Website is

Reclaim the Streets. Toronto Local. web site:

SASKATCHEWAN CONTACT - Michael Kronstadt, email address

Winnipeg Anarchist Black Cross Federation: 3D-91 Albert St., Winnipeg MB R3B 1G5, e-mail:

Vancouver Anarcho Communists. Forming anarcho communist group in Vancouver area and publishing an anarcho-communist journal.

VIPIRG- Vancouver Island Public Research Group., Room B122, SUB, University of Victoria.

Mailing address: Box 3035, Station CSC, SUB B122, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC V8W 3P3

Web site:

Phone #s General 250-721-8629. Director 250-472-4558. Fax 250-721-7285

Sections are as below:

1)Research Group: e-site (Research Internship Program)

2)Urban agriculture Group: e-site . Phone # 250-472-5170

3)Radio PIRG. Produce Biweekly Broadcasts on CFUV 101.9 FM. Every second Friday from noon to 1 PM. e-site

5)Critical Mass Club. Bicycle Group. Organizes monthly bike ride. Meets at Centennial Square last Friday of every month at 5 PM. Contact via Urban Agriculture Group above. Phone # 250-418-8867

6)Immigrant Support: No One is Illegal: e-site . Phone # 250-472-4558

VOLUNTARY COOPERATION MOVEMENT – US-based anarchist international organization with Canadian members.

B. Publications, News, Info, Book shops And Distributors

ACTivist Magazine - Oakville Community Centre
148 Kerr St.
Oakville, Ontario ON L6K 3A7 URL:

AHIMSAZINE anarcho-pacifist zine Box 214, 89 Shannon Road, Mount Albert ONTARIO

A-INFOS world wide anarchist news -

Anarchist Distributors c/o Box 266 Station C Montreal, Québec Canada, H2L 4K1

Anarkhia. Une site francophone et aussie un journal "purement revolutionaire". E-mail at

ANY TIME NOW ZINE "common ground" anarchist zine, now in its tenth year - C/o Affinity Place, Argenta BC V0G 1B0

ATN on line

Arbeiter Ring. Winnipeg Anarchist Book Publishers. Founded 1996. Address: 201E-121 Osborne St., Winnipeg MB, R3L 1Y4. Telephone # 204-942-7058, Fax #204-944-9198. e-mail,

Arsenal Pulp Press. Publishers of "multicultural/gender studies/humour/anarchist/ and "vegan cookbook"" titles. Address: 103-1014 Homer St., Vancouver BC V6B 2W9. web-site at . Phone # 604-687-4233. Fax # 604-687-4283. Toll free # 888-600-PULP Over 160 titles.

Black Cat Press. Anarchist pamphlet publishers: 10631 96th St., Edmonton AB T5H 2J1, Phone # 780-448-0519, e-mail

Black Cat Distro Box 229 Roberts Creek, BC V0N 2W0

Black Rose Bookspublishes many anarchist titles

Camas Books – Victoria Info shop and book service 2590 Quadra St. Victoria BC V8T 4E2 ph. 381 0585

Cause Commune. Le journal d'agitation francophone de la NEFAC. "...pour diffuser le plus largement possible un point de vue libertaire sur les luttes sociales actuelles". La Commune c/o C.P. St. Andre, B.P. 32018, Montreal PQ H2L 4Y5. Email:

Christ Culture. Christian anarchist zine out of Alberta. Youth oriented. c/o Dallas Frank, #708- 10149 Saskatchewan Drive, Edmonton, AB T6E 6B6.

Comrade Black Distribution. Some anarchist titles. Box 21533, 1850 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC V5N 4A0. Phone # 604-254-6645. e-mail:

JOSEPH DIETZGEN devoted to the great friend of the anarchists

Defiance Not Compliance: Ottawa area "zine aimed at bringing an anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian analysis to local events and struggles". Published by 'Anti-Capitalist Community Action' of Ottawa. Electronic version at aca@mutualaid . Submit articles to ; or by mail to #2- 533 Gilmour St., Ottawa, ON K1R 5L3.

Diffusion Noire BP 852, SUC. des Jardins, Montreal PQ H58-1B0 Canada

Le DIRA. -"Documentations, Informations, References et Archives":"...un projet libertaire independant cherchant a creer un espace de diffusion de la pensee libertaire" Anarchist Library. Open every day 12-5 PM Address is 2035 St-Laurent, Montreal PQ. phone 514-524-4529. Web site via the CLAC site. email at

FUN IS FREE PRESS Fall-Winter 2007 is a catalogue of anarchist/surrealist poetry, surrealist games, stamp carvings, anarchist cards, vegan cooking, and a LOT more, all done by anarchist poet Paula Belina c/o Pedestrian Productions, Box 8501 Victoria BC V8W 3S1 also

Great Worm Express Distribution. (mostly) zines but also music, books, videos, etc.. . Email to . Box 19013, 360 Bloor St. West, Toronto, ON M5S 3C9.



L'Insoumise (the unsubdued). Montreal anarchist bookstore. Address: 2033 Boul. St. Laurent, Montreal PQ H2X 2I3. Carries anarchist authors and distributors and related titles. Hours are Mon. to Wed. noon to 6 PM, Thursday and Friday noon to 9PM, Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 6PM. Info at or

Junto Local Ninety One. Anarchist lending library. 2D - 91 Albert St., Winnipeg MB R3B 1G5, phone # 204-942-6994

Kersplebedeb Distribution CP 63560, CCCP Van Horne
Montreal, Quebec H3W 3H8

KOOTAN really great example of a regional web site produced by an anarchist – a model to emulate!

KICK IT OVER Irregularly published magazine - Box 1836, Guelph, ON

N1H 7A1

Little Brother. "Everyday Common Sense Anarchism" zine. Mailing address c/o Ryan Stec, Apt. 4 - 112 Guigues, Ottawa ON K1N 5H7.

MARGINAL DISTRIBUTION distributes many anarchist books - : Box 58 Peterborough, ON K9J 6Y5. Toll free ordering #866-679-2655. Phone # 705-745-2326, Fax # 705-745-2122.

La mauvaise herbe eco-anarchist zine

Minus Tides! Magazine Box 47 Denman Island British Columbia V0R 1TO

Molly Mew Productions (pamphlets) Box 172, 355 Henderson Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R2L 2A5.

Mondragon Bookstore & Coffee House, 1A-91 Albert Street Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1G5 Mondragon Site:

MUTUALIZE! Mutualist –anarchist alternatives to privatization and state social services.

NEFAC ENGLISH LANGUAGE PUBLICATIONS. Even though published in the USA these publications contain a large input from NEFAC groups in Quebec and Ontario. The Northeastern Anarchist. "A magazine of class struggle theory and practice" Subs are $15 ($18 Canadian). Address at Northeastern Anarchist Box 230685, Boston 02123 USA. email at

Strike. NEFAC's English language tabloid agitational paper. Subs to Stelton Anarchist Collective, Box 3107, New Brunswick, NJ 08903, USA. Email at

La Nuit a/s E. H. C.P. 55051 138 St-Valliers Ouest Quebec G1K 1J0
nefacquebec 'La Nuit' "Ils aussie publishent 'Ruptures', "La revue francophone de la NEFAC".; "L'exemplaire $5,, 4 numero en Quebec/Canada $12,  4 numero ailleurs $24. Les cheques a l'ordre de " Groupe Emile-Henry".; (They also publish "Ruptures", The Francophonie Magazine of the NEFAC. Sample copy $5 Canadian, Subscriptions $ 12 in Quebec and Canada and $24 elsewhere.)

Octopus Books. carrying many anarchist titles. 116 Third Ave., Ottawa, ON K1S 2K1. Phone # 613-233-2589. Fax # 613-236-6654. Web site at . Email to


Ottawa NEFAC ; e-mail

OYSTER CATCHER  - anarchist-surrealist zine c/o Ron Sakolsky A-4062 Wren Rd. Denman Island BC V0R 1T0 

La Page Noir. Quebec City anarchist book shop. 700 rue du Roi (Coin du Pont). Phone # 418-524-8228. Email at

PARSER – anarchist poetry and poetics. Box 2684 Terminal Stn, Vancouver BC, V6B 3W8 

PLAWIUK PONTIFICATEScollection of interesting writings on anarchism and the labor movement

RED LION PRESS produces inexpensive pamphlets on anarchism –

Box 297 Stn. A Nanaimo BC V9R 4W7

Red and Black Notes: Council communist newsletter POB 47643, Don Mills, Ontario M3C 3S7 e-mail

RESIST!.CA on-line news zine

Revolution. Intro to anarchism zine. 401 Queen's Quay West- Apt 302, Toronto ON M5V 2Y2.

Ruptures: La revue francophone de la NEFAC. C'est une revue pour l'analyse et la theorie. Quebec/Canada 12$ pour 4 numeros. hors-Quebec/Canada 24$. Faisez les cheques a l'ordre de "Emile-Henri". La Nuit a/s Emile-Henri, C.P. 55051, 138 St.-Valliers Ouest, Quebec PQ G1K 1J0. email a

La Sociale / Centre de diffusion libertaire

Spartacus books carries many anarchist books and zines

319 West Hastings (2nd floor) Vancouver, BC V6B 1H6 Coast Salish Territory, Canada

Ph 604.688.6138 info(at)spartacusbooks(dot)org

Sulphur City Anarchist Collective (out of Sudbury Ontario kanaduh). Our current mandate surrounds cultural creation through entertainment, speaks, workshops and literature distribution. We are hoping to soon branch out into a bookstore and active anarchist contingent.

This Ain't the Rosedale Library. Bookstore carrying anarchist titles. 483 Church St., Toronto ON M4Y 2C6, the phone #: 416-929-9912 and the hours "Monday to Thursday 10AM to 10PM, Friday/Saturday 10AM to 11PM and Sunday 1PM to 9PM

Turning the Tide:(R)evulutionary Media. Saskatoon Bookstore. Address: 525 11th St. East, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 0G1. Phone # 306-955-3070. e-mail: web site at . Store hours are 11AM to 6 PM

Upping the Anti: Published by the Autonomy and Solidarity group; "a journal of theory and action". electronic journal and limited print distribution. Information at Box 24144, 900 Dufferin St., Toronto ON, M6H 4H6

Uprising Books Without Borders. Bookstore and infoshop. , 6A Kensington Ave., Toronto, ON M5T 2J8 Phone # 416-516-2966. Carries anarchist titles. is ; Email to phone 416-850-7795. Hours Monday to Sunday 11AM to 7PM


C. Blogs And Discussion Groups


Anarchocyclist. Vancouver based anarcho-blog. Special interest in languages and the learning thereof.

Anarchist-Sask; ; subscribe at

Carnival of Anarchy Blog

Ecology and Participatory Democracy an Eco-anarchist Blog

Edmonton Anarchist. e-mail group. . Subscribe at

Molly's Blog

MUTUALIST BLOG – cooperative and mutualist anarchism. US-based but with Canadian content:

MUTUALISTS UNITE! Discussion group for the cooperative, self-management and mutualist-oriented.

Northern Plains Anarchist: An e-group for people from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Idaho, Montana, North and South Dakota and Wyoming. Subscribe via

Northern Prairie Anarchists. An e-group for people from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, NW Ontario and the northern prairie states. Subscribe at and also see

Red Cedar. Anarchist BLOG from Robert's Creek, BC. Web site at

La Revue Gauche: Writings of Eugene Plawiuk

Shagya Blog

Sask. Anarcho-Primitivist List; e-mail list; site

So Many Porcupines/So Little Time. Outdated individualist site that contains many good links and rants.

Subversive Liberty. Individualist site. Web page:

The Vindicated Anarchist. Anarchist BLOG from Winnipeg, MB. Web site at

YAYA CANADA – Lots of news and photos of demos , letters and contacts. Put together by an anarchist grandmother. "Please join me in my rebellion against fading quietly into old age, my march against war, my rants against liars in high places, my rebellion against the World Trade Organization, and my loud cry on behalf of the world's voiceless children. "



'The Brat Attack': Political Punk Pop Band based in Winnipeg.

Drawing Reistance: "...a group art show by 31 artists from North America…subjects include the anti-globalisation movement, working class rights, environment, corporate control, police brutality, homelessness, gentrification and the Zapatistas.

Fight the Monster. Saskatchewan based music group. Web site at

GFK. Quebec City hard-core band - campaign against deportations.

'Hippie Critz'. Link site for Western Canadian political punk bands and various other anarchist sites.

Infringement Festival. A theatrical alternative to the commercialization and bureaucratization of the 'Fringe Festival'. Presently touring in Montreal, Toronto and Ontario. Web site at

Joey Only/Project News-Web. Home site of "Joey only", anarchist folk musician from Vancouver. Web site at . Email at

Les Pages Noires: Norman Nawrocki. Home page of anarchist performance artist Norman Nawrocki. email -

Loud. Vancouver eclectic anarchist music group with emphasis on prisoner support. Home page:

Les Lucioles. "diffusent leurs films a caractere socio-politique". "Un collectif de videastes engagees", Film activists. Site en francais. Web site a

Maria Dunn. Website at . Recent performer at the 2004 Edmonton IWW General Assembly. Style combines folk, country and Celtic influences and focuses on working peoples' struggles

The May Kings. Edmonton based band. Web site at . Mailing address at 10333- 112 St., Edmonton, AB T5G 1V7. Alternative Rock

Optative Theatrical Laboratories: Web site at . A "non-hierarchical dramatic collective" "inspired by Situationist philosophy and reflectionist theory"

Orange Seeds. Montreal based band with many links on their Website. Website at

Peanuts and Corn Records. Distributors of many anarchist band CDs (and tee-shirts as well). Box 30093- 8602 Granville St., Vancouver BC V6P 6S3. Web site at:

Propaghandi: Winnipeg based anarchist music group. Hosted on the G7 Welcoming Committee site in

Rebel Spell. Vancouver based punk rock band. Many links to various political matters. Web site at

Sweatshop Union. Vancouver based hip-hop band. Web page at

Sudden Death Records. Record label for "Joey Shithead" of the DOA band. CD Production. Website at . Sudden Death Records-Moscrop, Box 43001, Burnaby BC, V5G 3H0. Phone # at 604-439-9046. Email

Warsawpack: Web site of the now inactive Hamilton based band "Warswapack". . Still contains many active links to other bands and promo on their past music

The Weakerthans'. Punk, Alternative, Rock and more. Web page at Founded in 1997 in Winnipeg, and now based in both Winnipeg and Toronto. email at



Canadian IWW Web Site


Edmonton GMB

e-mail –

British Columbia

Vancouver GMB

Victoria GMB


Winnipeg GMB


Ottawa-Outaouais GMB

Ottawa-Outaouais GDC

Toronto GMB - Box 108 Stn P, Toronto, Ontario M5R 3S8, Canada

e-mail -

NW IWW - A list for networking and labour support in the Northwest USA and Southwest British Columbia:


general Canadian site


1)Campbell River c/o Sarah Schimke, 1195B Dogwood, Campbell River, BC V9W 3A3; e-mail

2)Comox Valley c/o Amber Dunstan, 698 Lazo Road, Comox BC V9M 3V6; Phone #250-339-5713

3)Maple Ridge c/o Shaun Thompson, 13027-250th St., Maple Ridge BC V4R 2G1; Phone #604-467-9600

4)Vancouver 1836 East Georgia St., Vancouver BC V5L 2B6; phone #s604-254-4152 or 604-253-5239; e-mail Feeds Mondays 6pm at park at Fraser and East 8th

5)Victoria c/o The Underground On Ramp, 1414b Douglas St., Victoria BC V8N 2G1; e-mail (put "for lets office" in subject line) Feeds Sunday 12non at City Hall


1)Calgary Meets: Saturdays at 10 A.M., Wednesdays at 4:30 P.M. at the Calgary Drop-In Centre email
Feeds: Saturdays at 12:30 P.M., Wednesdays at 7:00 P.M. at Olympic Plaza or C.U.P.S. During the winter on Wednesdays, we drop off food hampers at houses in Victoria Park.
Contact: ; or call Adrian or Julian at (403) 253-4134 c/o Adrian.

2)Lethbridge c/o Steve McGuire 80 Le Mogne Cres. West, Lethbridge AB T1K 4A5

3)Edmonton 3911-126th St., Edmonton AB T6J 2A5; phone #403-434-7061; e-mail ; Website; Edmonton FNB Also c/o Jesse, 6927 158 A Ave., Edmonton AB T5Z 3A5; Prepares at Sunday 10am at Boyle St. Coop, 10116 105th Ave. and serves at same place at Sunday 1pm

SASKATCHEWAN Saskatoon Food Not Bombs: Cooking at 12:00 Noon every Sunday at the Westside Community Clinic, 631- 20th St., Saskatoon, SK. . Serving at 3:00PM same day. Contact Jamie at 306-652-6792 or at .


Winnipeg Food Not Bombs, 91 Albert St., Winnipeg MB R3B 1G5, Phone#204-942-6994, fax#204-956-1505; e-mail :Feeds Thursday 6pm Main St at City Hall


1)Sault Ste. Marie 177 March St.-Apt 1, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario P6A 2Z4; c/o Arlene phone#705-256-7134; e-mail

2)Waterloo c/o WPIRG, 200 University Ave. West, Waterloo Ontario N2L 3G1; phone #519-888-4882; fax#519-725-3093; e-mail ;Web Site Kitchener-Waterloo FNB

3)Nepean c/o Sarah Abman, 4 Bradgate Drive, Nepean, Ontario K2G 0R6 Phone #613-828-7518

4)Brantford 71 Colborne St., Brantford, Ontario N3T 2G4; phone#519-750-0220; e-mail

5)London phone#519-433-2933; e-mail

6)Hamilton Phone#s 905-525-0696 or 905-574-1684; e-mail ; Website Hamilton FNB Website;

7)Toronto 1 Sullivan St., Toronto, Ontario; phone#416-812-6765; e-mail ;Web Site Toronto FNB website. Feeds Sunday 2pm at The Grange Park


1)Quebec City c/o Isabelle Farabee, C.P. 301 Hauteville, PQ J1R 4P8; phone #418-529-2867

2)Montreal c/o Librairie Alternative, 2035 St. Laurent - 2e, Montreal PQ H2X 2T3; phone #s 514-844-3207 or 514-519-6502

3)Sherbrooke e-mail

Nova Scotia

Halifax c/o Erin 6169 Charles St., Halifax NS B3K 1L5, phone#902-429-0293; e-mail . Feeds Sunday at 1pm outside North Branch library, Gottingen St.


St Johns c/o Sean e-mail



NOTE, Site "ANTI-RACIST ACTION.CA " no longer exists

2)Anti-Racist Action Toronto

Box 291, Station B, Toronto Ontario M5T 2T2. Phone # 416-631-835. e-mail;

3)Kitchener Waterloo Anti racist Action:

c/o The Spot, 119 King St West, Kitchener ON, N26 1A7. Phone # 519-578-1425. Web site:

4)Anti-Racist Action Montreal:

#8-414 Mont Royal Est.. Montreal QC, H2J 1W1; Phone # 514-573-7867; e-mail; web site;

5)ARA Calgary:

Box23147; Connaught PO, Calgary AB, T25 3B1; e-mail:

6)ARA Edmonton:

e-mail: .

7)ARA Lethbridge:


8)East Coast ARA:


9)ARA Halifax:

e-mail; ara



 Anti-Poverty Committee Vancouver; 604 -682 -2726 and they are in the DERA (Downtown Eastside Residents Association) office: 332 Carrall Street Vancouver BC. Their web site is

Books to Prisoners (prison support group) Office 3C- 91 Albert St, Winnipeg MB R3B 1G5. Prisoner support group.

Bus Riders Union. Fighting for Public Transit in Vancouver. web-site

Collectif des Lucioles (videaste engagees). A radical video collective. Contact at Web site is

Critical Mass Edmonton. Bicycle Group. Meets every last Friday of each month at 5PM (weather permitting) at Sir Winston Churchill Square and bikes to Gazebo Park. Phone #780-492-4236 (e-mail: )

or Trevor at 780-436-0123 (e-mail:

Durruti Camera Collective. Ottawa area film collective. Web site at . Email to

Emma Goldman Freeskool and Playgroup. 1923 Fernwood St., Victoria BC. Freeskool Phone #250-595-7949; Play Group Phone #250-386-0351

Freecycle: An email based recycling initiative made up of groups from across the world. All items posted must be FREE, no sales. The Canadian section of the list has 116 cities and towns in all Canadian provinces. Contact at

Friends of the Woodward Squat. Site at "closed for maintenance" until April 2004, but links to a history of squatting in BC. Also e-contact at .

Haymarket Cafe Collective. Worker managed coop with intent to set up an infoshop in Calgary, Alberta. Website at Email at

Intentional Communities Database. Contacts for intentional communities worldwide with several Canadian listings.

Kitchener Waterloo Youth Collective: The Spot Drop In; phone # 519-578-1425;


Legal Support Ottawa. "Providing legal support to the Ottawa/Gatineau activist community" Web site at . Email at . See also "Ticket Defence Program", ,fighting for the rights of street people in Ottawa at . Phone # for Legal Support, Ticket Defence Program and Direct Action Casework at 613-786-1015.

Maritime Biodiesel Coop. Mixed workers' and community coop producing and distributing diesel fuel from organic fermentation. Also involved in education on ecology and participatory economics. Web site at . Mailing address at 6078 Cunard St.- Apt A, Halifax NS B3K 1E4. Phone # 902-423-2122. email at

Metro Hotel Workers: Support for the workers at the Metro Hotel in Toronto. Web site . e-mail at JUSTICE@METROPOLITANHOTELSWORKERS.ORG

Organic Planet. Winnipeg workers' Co-op selling organic foods. Address 877 Westminster Ave., Winnipeg MB R3G 1B3, Phone # 204-72-871

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, 10 Britain St, Toronto M5A 1R6, Phone # 416-925-6939, e-mail , web site

Natural Cycle; Basement B - 91 Albert St., Winnipeg MB R3B 1G5. Worker cooperative bicycle repair and courier business,

Our Community Bikes. 197 East 17th Ave., Vancouver BC V5V 1A5. Phone # 604-879-2453, e-mail . Open 11AM to 6PM EVERY day. Recycles bikes, bike repairs, courses, shop and tool rental. In shop instruction and repair

Pagan Workers' Association: "An association of pagans active in the labour movement". For more information see:

Peterborough Coalition Against Poverty; 393 Water St- Unit 17, Peterborough

ON, K9H 3L7. Phone # 705-749-9694, email

Prison Justice.CA . Prison Abolitionist Group

POVNET. "Internet site for advocates and people on welfare and community groups and individuals involved in anti-poverty work"

'Revolutionary Knitting Circle' Box 21022, 665 - 8th St. SW, Calgary AB T2P 4H5. Phone contact at 403-262-2934. Nelson BC Revolutionary Knitting Circle. Gathers at Vienna Cafe every Saturday Morning

Rural Initiatives for Social Equality; Port Dover location; contact

La Siembra Co-op. Fair trade worker co-op. web site at . Distribution workers' coop marketing CHOCOLATE in a fair trade manner from South America.

Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty; phone # 705-691-0792; email

Tenant Action Group; TAG-Belleville, ON. Phone # 613-967-729, email

UBC AMS Bike Co-op. 6138 SUB Building, Vancouver BC V6T 1Z1. Phone #604-822-2453. Open Monday to Friday 10AM to 6PM. "Bike Kitchen" at 604-827-7333.

Vancouver Squatters' Alliance. Contact

Project Bookmobile/projet Mobilelivre; 1026 Arch St., Philadelphia PA, 19107 USA or Box 42062, Montreal QC, H2V 2T3. email info@kmobilivre@org . Traveling book, magazine and zine exhibit.

Women in Trades and Technology; Office 2F, 91 Albert St., Winnipeg MB R3B 1G5. Phone # 204-774-2288. Women's trade cooperative including carpentry, electrical and fire-fighting.

RESIST list of resources, co-ops, support groups, radio stations etc. across Canada, some of which are anarchist friendly




1. RASH Montreal e-mail RASH Montreal, Box 491, Montreal QC H2L 4K4 (postal code may be wrong). Phone # 514-851-851-1205

2) No One is Illlegal: Suite 404, 1420 Sherbrooke West, Montreal QC H3G 1K5: Phone #514-728-5650: e-mail:

1)Victoria No One is Illegal: Phone # 250-472-4558

2)Vancouver No One is Illegal: Phone #604-221-0273

3)Edmonton No One is Illegal:

4)Winnipeg No One is Illegal: Phone # 204-942-6994

5)Guelph No One is Illegal:

6)Toronto No One is Illegal: Phone # 416-925-6939

7)Ottawa No One is Illegal: Phone #613-761-1724

8)Montreal No One is Illegal: Phone # 514-859-9023

9)Quebec City No One is Illegal: Phone # 418-262-0144

Project Threadbare. Immigrant support. web-site at

e-mail at Phone # Ahmad Shokr 416-801-2923

 Books 2 Prisoners. Prisoner Support Project. Box 78005 - 2606 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC V5N 5W1

Coalition Against Deportation of Palestinian Refugees. Web site . Phone # 514-591-3171. Email at

Committee Opposed to Police Brutality/Collectif Oppose a la Brutalitie Policiere. Address c/o Alternative Bookstore., 2035 Blvd St. Laurent, 2nd floor, Montreal Quebec. H2X 2T3.

e-mail at or . Web site at

En Camino. Third World Support Group. web-site .Group based in Toronto. Contact via the following e-mail sites ; and (main contact site)

Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement is a Montreal-based non-native solidarity collective that works in support of Indigenous communities struggling for self-determination and decolonization email:, phone: 514.398.7432

Libertas Legal Collective. Providing legal help to activists and immigrants. Address: Libertas Legal Collective, c/o QPIRG Concordia, 1420 Sherbrooke St. West, Suite 404, Montreal QC H3G 1K5

PALESTINE CanPalNet. address: 123 North Sea Ave., Burnaby BC N5B 1K4, website: News group subscribe at . General info at

International Solidarity Movement. website: or email is

From Occupied Palestine.Org: website at

Prison Justice Day Committee. Prison abolitionists. Box 78005, 2606 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC V5W 5W1.

Phone # 604-682-3269 Ext. 3019, Fax # 604-872-6509. E-mail at .Publishes PJD Zine and organizes protests around August 10 every year.

Rock Against Prisons. Musical prison support group. Box 78005, 2606 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC V5W 5W1

Seven Year Squat Legal Defense Fund. Supporting the trials of squatters at the "7-year squat" in Ottawa. #3-172 James St, Ottawa ON K1T 5M5. e-mail at

Spot:KW Youth Collective. 119b King St. West, Kitchener ON.

Women Against Occupation. Palestinian support group. Web site at ; Email to

Winnipeg Coalition Against Police Brutality. Contact at 204-946-6319 Box 2674 Main Station, Winnipeg MB R3C 4B3. . "publish an irregular tabloid called 'Peace Not Police'

MISC. ACTIVISTS (not necessarily Anarchist, but sympathetic)

Activist Menu Calgary. Deals with the 2002 G8 Summit, but also contains links to the Labour and Arts Network. Web site at Phone contact 416-969-0672.

Adbusters Media Foundation. Not specifically anarchist but opposed to "ad-culture". Publishes the magazine "Adbusters". Address: 1243 West 7th Ave., Vancouver BC, V6H 1B7. Phone # 604-736-9401. Fax # 604-737-6021. e-mail at Website at

Amphibian Design. Winnipeg based design for activists and others.

Applecart Collective. Publishers of an irregular Winnipeg Street tabloid. .

Boreal Forest Network. Not really anarchist but sympathetic. Address:#2-70 Albert St. Winnipeg MB R3B 1E7. Phone # 204-947-3081. Fax # 204-947-3076. Web site . e-mail at .Non-Party ecology group.

Broken Pencil: "magazine of zine culture and independent arts". Many references to anarchist zines. . . Box 203, Station P, Toronto ON M5S 2S7

Canada Country: personal debate site on the merits and demerits of Canada from a libertarian leftist perspective. Connects to several other pages on other countries:

Colours of Resistance Montreal. "to develop anti-racist, multiracial politics in the movement against global capitalism". Last update Dec 29/2003. Web site: . e-mail at . Student Branch c/o Student-Worker Solidarity, QPIRG at McGill, 3647 University St., 3rd Floor, Montreal Quebec H3A 2B3.

Friends of Grassy Narrows. Mostly Manitoban support group for NW Ontario natives fighting the logging Company "Abitibi Price Consolidated". web-site: . Contact via

Fuss Feminist Collective: Founded at the University of Alberta in Edmonton in 2002. "Women and men of various ages and backgrounds" who do actions "employing sardonic wit and a variety of approaches to sex-postive feminist activism". Web site at http//

Gay Canada. Canada's largest gay Website. Not anarchist, but anarchism is often discussed on the discussion boards on this site. Web page:

Green Web "anarchist friendly".. . Mailing address at RR #3, Saltsprings, NS B0K 1P0. email

Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement is a Montreal-based non-native solidarity collective that works in support of Indigenous communities struggling for self-determination and decolonization email:, phone: 514.398.7432

INTERNATIONAL WORKERS GROUP/ GROUP INTERNATIONALISTE OUVRIER – left-communists for workers councils CP 173 Suc. C, Montreal QC H2L 4K1, . e-contact at

Maquila Solidarity Network/Ethical Trading Action Group. Address at 606 Shaw St., Toronto ON, M6G 3L6. Phone # 416-532-8584, Fax # 416-532-7688, Web site at . Email to

Projet Bookmobile/Mobillivre/Project. Yearly touring exhibition of artist books, zines and independent publications. Tours both Canada and the USA. Canadian contact at Box 42062, Montreal QC H2V 2T3. e-mail at

Reclaim the Streets Edmonton. e-mail

SPLAT Montreal. Anti-consumerist group dedicated to "advertising improvement". Also host community billboard. "Direct Action Against Corporate Culturation" Web site at . Email at

Sleeping Dragon Press. Publishes the newsletter 'Sleeping Dragon Press'. Address: Box 8404, Victoria BC V8W 3S1. web site . e-mail

Straight Goods. Consumer Activism and News, Ontario. . Box 2000, Golden Lake, ON K0J 1X0. Phone # 613-757-7777, or 877-7661223.

Sumoud: "is a political prisoner solidarity group...campaign primarily around Palestinian political prisoners...also take up the imprisonment of indigenous, immigrant and racialized people in North America...". Toronto based group that hopes to expand. Web site at . Email at

Tatamougouche Centre: A Christian leftist centre sympathetic to anarchism, pacifism, etc. Address is 3-RR#3, Tatamougouche, NS B0K 1V0. Phone # 902-657-2231, Fax # 902-657-3445. Toll free # at 1-800-218-2220

The Tenant Action group in Belleville, Ont. has a Website at . Said listing is under the 'Mutual Aid' section.

Uberculture Collective. Culture jammers active in Halifax, Montreal and Vancouver. "resists and opposes commercial or corporate culture and promotes and celebrates public and not-for-profit culture. Mailing address at #5- 5417 Victoria Road, Halifax NS B3H 1M6. Web site at .Email at .Montreal group at . Vancouver group at . Phone #s : Halifax 902-830-2691, Montreal 514-930-8237. Communication also available en francais, in Chinese y en espanol

Vancouver Participatory Economics Group. Website: . e-mail:

Video Actvivism: Main US Site is Contains world listings including the following in Canada:

a)Toronto Video Activist Collective. Web site Meets on the 2nd Sunday of every month at Hart House, Univ. of Toronto (meeting room posted on board or meet in Arbor Room Cafeteria). Subscribe to the mailing list via an e-mail to .Leave subject line blank and put "subscribe tvac" in message body.

Wilderness Committee Manitoba. Non-Party ecology group. Not anarchist but sympathetic. web-site is . e-mail at

Work Less Party. BC based anti-work, pro-ecology, pro-LETS, anti-consumption group. NOT anarchists because they actually encourage people to vote but friendly to many of the things that anarchists are for. Links to "pro-leisure" readings well worth the look. Web site at


Critical Mass is a voluntary group of activists who promote ecologically friendly modes of transport such as bicycles (mainly) but also skateboards and roller-skates. They hold direct action events in various Canadian cities to promote their views. The reader MUST be advised that the informal nature of such groups means that contact information can easily become out of date Central contacts are available at ; and . These sites may list more recent contacts that are missed by the following list. It should also be noted that there is a 'Critical Mass Meetup' site that lists contacts unavailable in the following list at .</DIV>

1)Victoria Critical Mass. Web site at

2)Vancouver Critical Mass. Web sites at either or

3)Edmonton Critical Mass. Web site at . Email at . Phone Shannon at 780-492-4236.

4)Calgary Critical Mass. Web site inactive but group still active and looking for new host for website. Website . Email at at

5)Winnipeg Critical Mass. Web site at .Email at . Rides from Old Market Square on the last Friday of every month at 5:00 PM

6)Thunder Bay Critical Mass. Email at

7)Hamilton Critical Mass. C/O Transportation for Livable Communities, Box 19, 1280 Main St. West, Hamilton ON L85 1C0. Web site ;. Email at

8)Ottawa Critical Mass. May be inactive. Web site at either or, more recently,;id=0-826 . Mailing address at 797 Somerset St- Suite 103, Ottawa ON K1R 6R3

9)London Ontario Critical Mass. Email at

10)Welland Ontario Critical Mass. email at

11)Toronto Critical Mass. See (photos of rides available) Email at . Older website at

12)Montreal Critical Mass. Website at Email at or . Mailing address at Critical Mass c/o QPIRG-Concordia, 1420 Sherbrooke St. West- Suite 404, Montreal QC H3G 1K5. Phone #s 514-999-4885 or 514-848-7584.

13)Halifax Critical Mass. Web site at

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