July 2008 List

* THE GREAT COAL STRIKE OF 1912 by Jack Kavanagh. Reprint of 1913 BC Federation of Labour pamphlet. The history of the Vancouver Island coal strike, militant class struggle. (2008) 20 pages, $2.00

*SPIRIT FIXER – surrealist rants and stories. by Larry Gambone (2007) $2.00

* WINO MOON – work poems and other stories by Larry Gambone (2007) $2.00

* VANCOUVER YIPPIE by various authors - the story of this infamous Yippie group and its relationship to the development of anarchism in Vancouver. (2007) 16 pages, $2.00

* THE COMOX PROJECT 1965 . by Larry Gambone, the story and influence of Canada's first major CD against atomic weapons. (2007) 12 pages, $2.00

* THE PRIMAL WOUND by Larry Gambone. Explores the origins of authoritarianism and mental illness, neither of which are seen as inevitable. Based on up-to-date archeological, anthropological and climatological evidence. (2005) 16 pages, $2.00

* THE REVOLUTIONARY FORCES by Sebastian Faure. Translation of one of the seminal articles of French anarchism. Faure was a major influence on the contemporary French Anarchist Federation. (2005) 12 pages, $2.00

* MAKING CONTACT by John Griffin. Further explorations into the application of Reich�s ideas by the military (2003) $2.00

* REAFFIRMIMG REICH by John Griffin . An examination of Wilhelm Reich's experiments in weather control and a discussion of Reich and UFOs. Author attempts (successfully) to verify Reich's claims through the use of dowsing techniques. Includes information on Trevor Constable, Jerome Eden, Harry Oldfield and Ruth Drown and the US military use of the cloudbuster. 22 pages, $3.00

* THE IRON FIST BEHIND THE INVISIBLE HAND - Corporate Capitalism As A System Of State-Guaranteed Privilege. By Kevin A. Carson. A contemporary anarchist economic discussion of the development of corporate capitalism. 24 pages, $2.50, (2001)

* FOR COMMUNITY An Introduction to the Communitarian and Mutualist Anarchism of Gustav Landauer. 14 pages, $2.00 (2001)

* THE ANARCHISM OF EMILE ARMAND - A selection of the writings of the French individualist anarchist. Armand was the last survivor of turn-of the century French anarchism, dying in his 90's in 1962. 16 pages, (2001) $2.00

* SAINT CHE - What's behind the legend of the heroic guerrilla, Ernesto Che Guevara - From an anarchist perspective. (1997) 12 pages $2.00

* CAPITALISM IS NOT FREE ENTERPRISE. By Hans Feldt. An introduction to the economic ideas of Silvio Gesell. Influenced by Proudhon and Henry George, Gesell was also a friend of Gustav Landauer. (1997) 12 pages, $2.00

* THE LIBERTARIAN MOVEMENT IN CHILE - The history of mutualism and anarcho-syndicalism in Chile from 1840 to the present. What we can learn from their experiences. (1996) 20 pages $2.00

* PROUDHON AND ANARCHISM A new interpretation of Proudhon's anarchist philosophy and its relationship to the anarchist movement as it developed in the 19th Century. Why Proudhon is important today. (1996) 12 pages - $2.00

* COSMIC DIALECTICS Joseph Dietzgen's unique anti-sectarian and libertarian thought. Its impact upon the labor movement and its importance today. (1996) 20 pages - $2.50

* SYNDICALISM - IN MYTH AND REALITY A critique of academic myths about anarcho* The-syndicalism. A first-time historical comparison and general compilation of membership statistics. (1995) 14 pages - $2.00

* REVOLUTION AND REFORMISM The origins of the split between "revolutionaries" and "reformists" in the French CGT. Re-evaluating the "reformists" as Proudhonists seeking to update anarchism. (1995) 17 pages $2.00

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