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Sherif Zamer (M.D.), Tarek A. Said (M.D.) and M. Alaa El-Deen A. Hameed (M.D.)*

Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine , Cairo University and *Department of Surgery, Cairo University Hospital

Kasr El-Aini  Journal of Surgery, Vol (5), No (1), January 2004: 27-32

Endoscopic abdominoplasty aims at correction of abdominal contour deformities with avoidance of long unsightly scars. In this study, this technique was performed on twelve female patients with a mean age of 37.4 years. Nine of them with grade II abdominal lipodystrophy and three with grade I. Initial liposuction was done in all cases followed by a circumumbilical insertion of an endoretractor and creation of an optical cavity. In four cases, only supraumbilical plication was performed, while combined supra and infraumbilical plication was required in the other eight cases. Complications were minor, seroma in two cases (16.6%), which were managed by aspiration and compression. Skin redundancy occurred in two cases (16.6%) and required apronectomy. In four cases (33.3%), mild umbilical incision hyperaemia were found and subsided uneventfully. This technique offers a great advantage over classic abdominoplasty in properly selected cases as it avoids the lengthy scars and offers a shorter rehabilitation period.

Key words: Abdominoplasty - liposuction - Endoscopic Abdominoplasty

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