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A study of the Aesthetic Patterns of the Umbilicus among Egyptians  with A New Technique for Umbilical Reconstruction de novo

Ahmed G. El-Sharkawy, MD, Tarek A. Said, MD, Ismail A. Shafik, MD, & Heba A. Khalifa, MSc

Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine , Cairo University

Kasr El-Aini Journal of Surgery, 2004; 5 (3) September: 87-99

The umbilicus is an anatomical and aesthetic landmark in the middle of the abdomen. Modern plastic surgery of the abdominal wall is usually concerned with preservation of this landmark to achieve the best esthetic results. Preserving the umbilicus could be reached either by transposition or creation of a new umbilicus in cases with large hernias where the umbilicus is sacrificed to ensure proper hernial repair. In this work an anatomical study of the position, shape and dimensions of the umbilicus in normal Egyptian male and female volunteers of young age was done and different methods to locate the position of the umbilicus were evaluated. Four forms of umbilical shapes are prevalent among Egyptians; the rounded, the rounded hooded, vertical, and transverse. Measuring umbilical position from the two anterior superior iliac spines was found to be most accurate. Moreover, the ASIS are easily located even in obese patients so, they should be used as reference points while relocating the umbilicus.  A new technique for creation of new umbilicus is here described which proved simple, easy, reliable and with low rate of complications

Key words: umbilical reconstruction - umbilicoplasty

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