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Evaluating The Usefulness of The Triple-Test Score (TTS) in The Diagnosis of Breast Masses

Sami Mufeed Said (M.D.), George Abd Elfadi (M.D.) and Tarek Ahmed Said (M.D.)

Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine , Cairo University

Kasr El-Aini  Journal of Surgery, Vol (5), No (1), January 2004: 3-6

It is always a challenge to the physician to diagnose clinically the nature of a breast mass, especially with the increasing desire among patients to avoid surgery for a sure diagnosis. The purpose of this study was to examine the reliability of a scoring system involving all three commonly used diagnostic modalities: namely clinical examination, soft tissue mammography and fine needle aspiration biopsy cytology. The score reached by the triple test score (TTS) was compared to the definite diagnosis reached after excision of all masses and histopathological examination. Twenty five women with breast masses were studied. The results proved that the TTS was reliable and in line with the histopathology in all cases, except the score of 5. A mass scoring 5 by TTS will, according to this study require excision to reach a final diagnosis. Masses scoring 3 and 4 can be observed as benign, while masses scoring 6,7,8 & 9 should proceed to definitive treatment as malignant. To conclude, the TTS is reliable and very helpful to the surgeon and the patient in all its scores with the exception of the score 5, which needs an excisional biopsy

Key words: Breast Mass - Clinical - Mammography, Fine-needle, TTS

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