Dr.Tarek Said's Scientific Publications

The Augmented TRAM

Ibrahim Galal Khalifa, M.D., Fathy Khodair, M.D., and Tarek A. Said, M.D.

The Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.

Egypt. J. Plast. Reconstr. Surg., Vol 22, No 2, 1998: 141-151

The TRAM flap was used for breast reconstruction in 30 cases. The blood supply of the flap was augmented by incorporation of both superior epigastric pedicles in all cases. In addition retrograde vascularization of the inferior epigastric vessels in the by microvascular anastomosis to the subscapular vessels in the axilla was done in 8 cases where large volume was needed. The ischemia rate of the augmented TRAM was 3.3%, While other methods such as delay, free transfer, turbocharging, unipedicled flap were accompanied by an ischemia rate of about 8.8-44% of cases.

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