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Superomedial Pedicle Mammaplasty; The Logical Extension Of The Superior Pedicle Technique

Tarek Ahmed Said, M.D, Fathy Farouk Khodair, M.D, & Sherif Zamer Ezzat, M.D

The Department of Surgery, Cairo University

Kasr El Aini Journal of Surgery, Vol (3), No (2),July 2002: 11-20

A series of 30 patients of breast hypertrophy were operated upon using the superomedial pedicle technique of reduction mammaplasty. Nipple elevation up to 14 cms were achieved and resections as large as 3900 gms per breast were done without vascular compromise of the nipple areola complex (NAC viable in 98.3%). Nipple-areola sensation was preserved in 82% of cases and long lasting conical breast projection was always achievable. The superior pedicle technique is recognized by many as a technically easy and capable of producing long lasting aesthetic results. However it is limited to smaller resections. The superomedial pedicle technique is a modification of the superior pedicle technique that retains its inherent advantages but can be applied to larger breasts and allows for more aggressive resection. Incorporation of a medial component to the superior pedicle and lateral rotation of the pedicle instead of self infolding allows for higher elevation of the nipple-areola complex without a significant vascular or sensory compromise. It is an easy, quick and relatively bloodless technique suitable to different sizes and types of breast hypertrophy.

Key words: breast reduction_superomedial pedicle

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