Dr.Tarek Said's Scientific Publications

Vertical Mammaplasty for Breast Hypertrophy and Ptosis

Fathy F. Khodair, M.D., Tarek A. Said, M.D. and Ibrahim G. Khalifa, M.D.

The Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.

Egypt. J. Plast. Reconstr. Surg., Vol 23, No 1, 1999: 13-20

Vertical mammplasty for breast hypertrophy and ptosis has a lot of advantages, including eliminating the need for a transverse inframmammary scar that usually yields an undesirable result. It also gives a more stable result and a better shape. Liposuction of the lower aspect of the breast is used as an adjuvant to this technique prior to surgery. 30 cases of breast reduction and mastopexy were done using this technique (19 reductions and 11 mastopexies). Evaluation of breast shape and position, scar healing, appearance, stability of the result over a long period of time was done. Results show that it is a safe technique that applies to different sizes of breast and gives a stable result that counteracts the inevitable sagging that occurs with other conventional techniques. Adjuvant liposuction makes the procedure easier and aids stability of the resulting shape and position.

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