Dr.Tarek Said's Scientific Publications


El-Ghareeb, M.H., and Said, T.A.

General Surgery, Cairo University.

Egyptian Journal of Surgery, Vol (18), No (1), Feb., 1999: 51-54

This comparative clinical study was conducted on 61 patients with chronic calcular cholecystitis, to determine the postoperative effects of different incision lengths on patients undergoing elective open cholecystectomy. 31 underwent minicholecystectomy through a subcostal incision of mean length of 6 cm and 30 underwent conventional cholecystectomy though a subcostal incision of mean length of 13 cm.

The postoperative analgesic requirements were similar in both groups. 4/31 and 1/30 developed wound haematoma, in the minicholecystectomy group and the conventional cholecystectomy group respectively.

Shortening the incision by 50% did not result in significant reduction in analgesic intake. Minicholecystectomy may only be cosmetically better than conventional cholecystectomy. Conventional cholecystectomy is suggested to be performed as the conversion operation after laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

Keywords: Minicholecystectomy, Conventional Cholecystectomy, Postoperative

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