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Different Designs of The Prefabricated Three Dimensional Cartilagenous Framework In Total Auricular Reconstruction By Autologous Costal Cartilage Grafts

Ahmed Gamil El-Sharkawy, M.D, Sherif Zamer Ezzat, M.D,  & Tarek Ahmed Said

The Department of Surgery, Cairo University

Kasr El Aini Journal of Surgery, Vol (4), No (1),January 2003: 23-35

Auricular reconstruction represents a meticulous and aesthetic problem to the plastic surgeon. To date the most frequently relied upon technique for auricular reconstruction is the autologous costal cartilage grafting where the most important factor affecting the outcome of surgery is the fabricated three-dimensional cartilagenous framework for the reconstructed ear. In a study to compare the aesthetic outcome of the different framework designs, 27 ears were reconstructed in 25 patients using costal cartilage grafts. Three patterns of frame works were used; the contour accentuated, the Tanzer's framework and a Cantilever pinnal framework. The best results were obtained with the contour accentuated framework which yielded good results in 100% of cases. When using the Tanzer's framework good results were obtained in 80% of cases which further dropped when using a cantilever pinnal framework to 76.9%. The results suggest that contour accentuated framework is the best framework design to be used in auricular reconstruction. As the construction of this type of framework needs a well developed chest wall, it is recommended that auricular reconstruction is attempted after the age of 8 years.

Key words: Otoplasty, Microtia , Contour Accentuated , Auricular Reconstruction

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