Sergio Hernandez-Gonzalez  

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Sergio Hernandez-Gonzalez
Sergio Hernandez-Gonzalez
  Have a heart and help Sergio!

Sergio Hernandez-Gonzalez #07232-196 is a 23-year-old male born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico, until the age of 6 years.  When he came to the US (“El Norte”) with his mother and some of his siblings.  After his mother and father separated.  The father and some of the siblings remained in Mexico.  His mother’s arrival in Arizona was “illegal”.

Sergio is retarded.  He has the mind of a twelve year old.

When he was 20 years old, he left his house in Cottonwood, Arizona, to go to the parking lot of the local supermarket to pick up cigarette butts.  Someone in the store made a “nuisance” complaint and the local police came to pick him up.

He was subsequently turned over to La Migra, held for two weeks and deported to Mexico with $10.  He spent 40 plus days living hand-to-mouth on the streets and was never able to negotiate his way to his father.

He was captured trying to cross the border at Nogales, Texas charged with illegal ‘re’-entry.  He was held for 13 months, and again, deported with $10 to Mexico, and was eventually caught again coming across at Del Rio, Texas and charged again with illegal ‘re’-entry and given 23 months.

He’s due to be deported with $10 in December.  His next illegal ‘re’-entry may cost him 10 years.

Is there anyone who can work for a dispensation for this victim of “the border”?

He has not found or made contact with his mother since he walked out of the house in Cottonwood, three plus years ago.

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