Jaan Laaman Update

During the summer of 2000, Jaan Laaman, was abruptly moved from general population at USP Leavenworth to the supermax at Walpole, Massachusetts. (Jaan received both federal and state sentences.) This is what happens when the state gets over-exhuberant in building supermaxes and then needs to find folks to fill the new cells, to justify the expense of building them in the first place.  Jaan is now locked down for 22.5 hours/day and must take what recreation they allow either on the block or outside in a small cage.

While in Walpole (April 2001), the prison assigned Jaan a new classification of STG (security threat group).  This classification is used for gang members.  Jaan's membership in a revolutionary clandestine organization is now considered gang membership!  This is being challenged; however, your help is needed.  Contact the December 16th Committee for more information.

Jaan Laaman
MCI  Cedar Junction/Box 100
South Walpole, MA  02071

History of Jaan Laaman (ABCF)

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