Name: S'vest
Age: 17
Parents: Father Unknown and Mother abandoned him.
Not Legitimate or adopoted. No sibs.
Health: Normal
Height: 5'9" Above Avg.
Build: Muscular
Skin: Light Tan (has wine-red birthmark splashed across lower back and a scar running from abdomin to thigh)
Hair: Rich Black  Length: To Nape of Neck
Hair Style: Slight Curl
Eyes: Green flecked w/Gold
Allergies: Dust
Legitimate, Normally Polite (unless angery)
Focuses well but is sometimes distracted.
Giving and a little stingy occasionally.
Values: His Canines, Collected Rocks, Unpolished Gemstones
Valuable Item: Weapon; Dragonsblood (sword)
Fav. Place: Anywhere dark  Dislikes: Townlife
Fears: Being left alone.
Has skill with animals. (Can hear animals.)
Pets: 2 Canines;
Missed Mother but now hates her for leaving him.
Bond: Liberanth
Bond Color: Blue

~Visit Icicle and Lilith~
Below are Dingo and Chips S'vest's long time companions and best friends.
Continuation of story coming soon! hathching story coming! S'vest has IMPRESSED!!!!
~Story pt.1~ ~Blue Liberanth~
S'vest pic. doesn't belong to me it was sent to me by a friend so full credit to whoever made it.
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