Sikorsky AH

Sikorsky MH-53H Pave Low III

United States

- Thanks to 'Werewolf'

In the later part & early part of the 20th/21st century most wars were low key commando actions. The MH-53H is a Sea Stallion rebuilt for deep Commando insertions the Pave Low has a variety of radios & radars.
  All weather flight capability and has a complete EW suite, and has in-flight refueling capability.



CH-53A Sea Stallion: Workhorse of the US Navy
CH-53D: US Marine Corps workhorse
HH-53B Super Jolly: Search and Rescue helo of the US Air Force
HH-53H Super Jolly: Night SAR and COIN helo of the US Air Force
MH-53E Sea Dragon: MCM helo of the US Navy
MH-53H/J: Basic helo for export
RH-53A Super Stallion: US Marine Corps helos on loan to the US Navy
RH-53D Super Stallion: US Navy helos for AMCM
VH-53D: Two (2) US Marine Corps on loan to White House
Travel Move: 1 280
Combat Move: 35
Fuel Cap: 7 635
Fuel Consum: 3 400
Price: $ 32 000 000

($ 12 600 000)

 Combat Equipment: Chaff/Flare, FLIR, Radar, GPS, Twin Engine, Laser Designator, Stealth, Fully Amphibious, In-Flight Refueling
Armament: 2x M2HB, 2x M60 (Door Guns)
Ammo: 500x 12.7mm, 5 000x 7.62mm N, 4 Hardpoints
Fuel Type: AvG Weapon ROF Rng Ammo Damage Pen
Load: 1 700 kg on 4 hardpoints, 22 000 kg Internal or Slung M60 (x2) 5 125 7.62mm N 4 2-3-Nil
Vehicle Weight: 19.85 Tons M2HB (x2) 5 150 12.7mm 8 2-2-3
Crew: 6 + 47  
Mnt: 22  
Min Take Off/Land 48  

Sikorsky MH-60E Pave Hawk

United States

- Thanks to 'Werewolf'


  The 'James Bond' model of helo, the MH-60E Blackhawk, or Pave Hawk is used for SAR and long range Special Operations missions, including use by the CIA.  It is equipped for aerial refueling, long range fuel drop tanks, cold weather flight, and a 270 kg rescue hoist.



Travel Move: 1 380
Combat Move: 29
Fuel Cap: 4 250
Fuel Consum: 3 500
Price: $ 24 000 000

($ 11 250 000)

 Combat Equipment: Chaff/Flare, GPS,  In-Flight Refueling, Twin Engine
Armament: 2x M134, 2x M2HB
Ammo: 6 000x 7.62mm, 1 000x 12.7mm
Fuel Type: AvG Weapon ROF Rng Ammo Damage Pen
Load: 2 000 kg Internal, 7 800 kg Slung M134 (x2) 100 90 7.62mm N 4 2-3-Nil
Vehicle Weight: 8.19 Tons M2HB (x2) 5 150 12.7mm 8 2-2-3
Crew: 4 + 10  
Mnt: 18  
Min Take Off/Land 48  

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