Fixed Wing Aviation

(MERC: 2000 and DC prices listed in BOLD Brackets)

Conventional Aircraft
Type Models Shown
Cessna 0-1G 'Bird Dog'
De Havilland Canada DHC-2 'Beaver'
Type Models Shown
Russian Bombers TU-22M-5 'BackFire' A/B/C
United States Bombers B-1B 'Lancer'
Cargo/Troop Aircraft
Type Models Shown
French Cargo Aircraft C-160 'Transall'
German Cargo Aircraft C-160 'Transall'
Israeli Cargo Aircraft 'Arava' 201
Russian Cargo Aircraft AN-72 'Coaler', AN-124 'Condor', AN-225 'Cossack'
United States Cargo Aircraft C-17 'Globemaster III', KC-10A 'Extender'
Fighter Jets
Type Models Shown
European Union Fighters Euro Fighter 'Typhoon'
French Fighters Rafale-M
Israeli Fighters Kfir C-7 'Lion Cub'
Russian Fighters MiG-29 'Fulcrum', MiG-31 'Foxhound', Su-33 'Flanker'
Swedish Fighters JAS 39 'Gripen'
United States Fighters F-14 'Tomcat', F-20 'Tigershark', F-22 'Raptor', F-32 JSF,  F-35 'Mustang' JSF, F-117A 'Nighthawk'
SOF Fighters Sky Hawk, VTOL, XF-14F 'Sky Striker', XF-30 'Conquest'
Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA)
Type Models Shown
United States MPA P-3 'Orion'
Space Superiority Fighters
Type Models Shown
Private Venture SSF 'Dagger'
United States SSF 'Hammerhead'

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