•   On September 03, Renaud announces that the NFQ won the election with a 60% majority.  Against charges of fraud, the NFQ declares independence from Canada that very night.  The secretly formed Quebec National Army, made up of Canadian military forces hired subversively, rush to block the borders of the province.
  •   Against International Law, as well as UN, NATO and EU orders, France lands 3 Divisions of troops on Quebec soil to guarantee her independence.  Canada protests, and is supported worldwide.
  •   To add to their 'illegal' separation, Quebec secures its northern land as well, though all Treaties declare it Canadian land, not that of the province.  The French backed Quebec National Naval Service (QNNS) sails up from the Seaway to safeguard the northern waters.
  •   As their first act of foreign policy, the NFQ demands that the St. Lawrence Seaway be transferred to her control only, as to ensure her economic survival.  The Quebec National Waterway Tariff is created and implemented on all Seaway traffic caught during her separation.  The NFQ further demands a 1 Trillion CDN Dollar settlement from the Canadian government for economic and cultural damages during the 200 year 'occupation'.
  •   On November 01, disgruntled Native-Canadians, after being told by the NFQ that all treaties are null and void, defect to Canada, under the promise that the Reservation system is abolished.  Canada accepts, just as the QNA rolls into Native Reservations.  Though causalities are high on both sides, the Native bear the brunt of the assault.
  •   Christmas Day, Renaud demands the 'return' of Northern New Brunswick, Labrador, Baffin Island and parts of Eastern Ontario.  He names General Dominique Tremblay as the Commander-In-Chief of the Quebec Armed Forces.
  •   New Year's Eve, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien is shot, though not seriously wounded by a sniper claiming to be part of the Resistance.  The NFQ denies any knowledge of the attack.
  •   Toronto and Vancouver become Canada's first Megacities.  Toronto incorporates Hamilton in a business deal, literally buying the city from under her own nose.  Hamilton residents protest, leading to riots and the arrest of nearly 5 000 people.


  •   The Hell's Angels Ontario chapter begins tactical assaults on key RCMP and OPP sites, in an effort to aid their Quebec brethren, and to help get the police off their back.  Many local gangs in Toronto begin to riot as well.


  •   OPERATION HIGHLANDER is implemented, with the RCMP standing up Joint Task Force 3. 
  •   The Quebec/Canada and Quebec/USA borders are closed, with check-points established.  Passports are required for travel. 
  •   After the seizure of the Fisheries patrol vessel Cape Roger by French warships, Canadian Coast Guard and Fisheries vessels are armed with 20mm and 40mm guns for self-defence.
  •   The CPF NCMS Ville De Quebec elects to stay in the Canadian Forces.
  •   100 LAV-105 'Bobcat II' are ordered. 
  •   The Main Battle Tank competition opens to find a successor to the venerable Leopard I.  Leopard II and the M1A2 are the only contenders. 
  •   The 1st Canadian Light Infantry Regiment and the 7th Air Defence Regiment are stood up. 
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