Walther WA

Walther WA-2000

   Designed for the Olympics biathlon competition, the WA-2000 soon found itself on the Black Market as a sniper rifle.  While not as common as other rifles, the WA-2000 uses a newly designed blow-back system to increase range, while lowering recoil.

Round: 7.62mm N
Wt: 3.2 kg
Magazine: 5i
Price: $ 5 000
Weapon ROF Dam Pen Blk Mag SS Brst Rng
WA-2000 BA 4 1-2-N 4 5i 3 - 60
Bipod BA 4 1-2-N 4 5i 1 - 75

* add 15 meters to range when using a scope for aimed shots.

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